White Freshwater Cultured Nugget Pearls 7-9mm / 16 Inch Strand

Cultured freshwater pearls are those pearls that are found in freshwater mussels. China, Japan and the United States are the major harvesters of cultured freshwater pearls. However, today, it is China which is a major exporter and harvester of cultured freshwater pearls. Did you know that China harvested pearls right from the 13th century? When you are looking… Read More »

Measles: What You Need To Know

Easter Cup Cake Ideas | Easter Eggs | Easter Recipes | Easter Stories Letter describing a measles outbreak in Francestown, New Hampshire (USA), February, 1856, first page Image by gbaku The letter was composed between February 24 and February 27 and sent on the 27th to North Chelmsford, Massachusetts (USA)

Authors Whose Work Inspires Me

Easter Cup Cake Ideas | Easter Eggs | Easter Recipes | Easter Stories Inspiring me is a tall order. Authors have to be true masters of their art. Here is what it takes and my favorites:  Create Worlds I love authors that create worlds for me. Or take me to worlds I may never visit. Sometimes these worlds… Read More »

Catholic Church Sexual Abuses

To say that the Catholic Church is going through hell might be an overstatement; however, maybe purgatory isn’t all that easy either. Pope Benedict issued an apology to victims of sex abuse in Ireland on Saturday, and announced an investigation into parts of the Catholic Church in the country while saying that the abusers would have to answer… Read More »

New England Patriots – Reshuffling The Team

The assistant coach Shane Waldron has been promoted as a decent ends coach. The assistant director for faculty of scouting Jonathan Robinson was also promoted to the post of director, a post that had been vacant since January 2008, since the departure of Thomas Dirmitoff who left for a post of general manager in the falcons. Waldron becomes… Read More »

How To Shop For Puppies

Shopping for puppies can seem like an easy task, but you still need to take some considerations to heart. There are a few things that need to decide before you rush and decide on a puppy. You need to be sure of the type of personalities and qualifications that you want this puppy to have. When you are… Read More »

Education System in Canada

    Why Study in Canada Canada is a very large country and also vast and diversified in respect of both language and culture. A student, who wishes to get their education as a part of Canadian education system under their universities and institutions, may get advantage of learning in either English or French, or with mixture of… Read More »

Amanda Renteria Top Contender To Become Hillary Clinton’s National Political Director

Renteria met with Hillary Clinton in mid-February and is the leading contender to become the national political director for her expected campaign, two sources told BuzzFeed News. An early signal that Latino outreach will be serious. Amanda Renteria Jacquelyn Martin / AP Amanda Renteria, the first Latina chief of staff for a U.S. senator, is a top contender… Read More »