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Right Girl is the modern upbeat place to gather your daily news fix and a magazine to read,learn and just plain enjoy what we find for you to discover in images, video and articles too.

We all love on line shopping especially when the weather isn’t too kind to be outside or trawling the mall for the latest shoes, a new dress or accessory must haves.

You can get your fill of the latest release music before you hear it on radio or elsewhere –be first with the hottest music updated daily so you will know long before your best friends or work buddies do.

E books are all the rage now and it matters not if you read using a Kindle or an i pad to get your fill of the latest top sellers –we know what’s hot right now and so can you…check out our discount online books from amazon and iTunes for instant gratification.

Watching TV series and having them on your  mobile device instantly ro enjoy anywhere you are is another great way to stay up to speed with you best loved TV Shows like NCIS, Resurrection, American Idol and other top rated shows of 2014.

Coffee lovers are not forgotten here as we are coffee beans ourselves loving a long black anytime but you can sip your coffee however you like and if you are a nut about your coffee then join us as we discover blends of coffee and take a coffee break  with us and learn tips and how to make the best cup of coffee ever.

We are also into health and fitness too as you are, staying well and keeping those pounds off is a chore but it is a must do otherwise we will join the epidemic of obesity in the USA, I think it is our number 1 health challenge for the USA and Canada. We have some ideas on this topic and share what we find.

Political events are not just the domain of men anymore, right girl? no way…it may be a man’s world but they can’t do it without women so we do our feminist bit here too but keep our eye on the politics so we know what the dues are going on about.

Right Girl is a question and you have the answers for today, modern 30 somethings, career girls and late to motherhood or making the choices to be child less or what used to be called DINK’s Double income no kids plus thinking of staying that way.

Right Girl is your forum too so please do write for us and make sure to comment where you can and share our stuff on FB and Twitter so American and Canadian women can enjoy our collective vision too.