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How can I show or tell my parents I am in love with my fiance?

Question by travel4christ1: How can I show or tell my parents I am in love with my fiance?
I feel like I just want to run away sometimes and follow the path Christ has for me. Sometimes I feel my family doesn’t see what I feel that my fiance and I have spiritually. I have seen Christ move so much in our relationship because we spend time praying and reading scripture together. I just don’t understand why my mom would be the one who would say, “I appreciate that he [my fiance] prays for me but Jenny he is not right because of his culture….” For you information, my fiance is a Youth Pastor who is from Ghana. I am tired of my mom pointing out other guys to me when I know I am in love with this man. To me this one seems to be the one I plan to be with the rest of my life. If you have any good advice please let me know what I can do. Thanks!


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Answer by Cochise@Oxford
Good luck to you my Dear – I will remember you in my prayers.

You did not mention your age – if you are over 21, I say go with your heart. If under, you need to wait and see – we all change enormously during those first few post-high school years.

May God be with you.

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Guess what COUNTRY this is??

Question by Arctic: Guess what COUNTRY this is??
1. This country is a small island country.
2. The political status of this country is disputable.
3. The political system in this country is a representative democratic republic. The President is the head of state; Premier is the head of government.
4. Thd GDP per capita of this country is $ 27,600 (2005 est, rank 24th in the world, equals the EU average.).
5. The population of this country as of July 2006 is about 23 million.
6. It’s a member of “APEC”.
7. This country has a trade surplus with the United States ($ 8.7 billion at 2002).
8. This country is the 8th largest trading partner of the United States. Meanwhile, US is the second largest trading partner of this country.
9. The armed forces number of this country is approximately 300,000, and reserves reportedly total 3,870,000.
10. One MLB pitcher (Yankees) came from this country.

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Answer by dominicana_luva24

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