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China’s Crossing the Line

China's Crossing the Line
… US-Australia-NZ ,ANZUS, alliance exists but there is limited cooperation between the US and New Zealand due to issues over nuclear weapons, but full coordination continues between the US and Australia- while the US maintains bilateral military …
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Vote 1 Socialist Equality Party Support the socialist alternative to war
The US-Australia military alliance and the ANZUS Treaty must be repudiated and all US spy bases and military facilities shut down. Australian troops, as well as police and military personnel, must be immediately withdrawn from Afghanistan, the Middle …
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Australian Greens posture as “compassionate” alternative
Last December, the Greens officially junked their nominal opposition to the US-Australian military alliance, including their previous token call to “end the ANZUS treaty, unless Australia's membership can be revised in a manner which is consistent with …
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Blue Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog) Tricks

Australian Cattle Dog, Indie, doing some tricks.