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What are some literary devices used in Songs?

Question by Tks O: What are some literary devices used in Songs?
Ok, so I need to read the song lyrics and somehow relate the literary devices and techniques used in song to the concept of Journey. Do you know of any devices used songs that I can mention?

Please help, analyzing a film is a little easier because I work better with visuals, but since this is all words I’m finding it a bit tough.

By the way, the song I’m using for my homework is “Walking on a Dream” or “We are the People” by Australian band Empire of the Sun.

Best answer:

Answer by kevin C
Anaphora, Hendiadys, tricolon crescens, litotes, apostrophe, irony, praeteritio, Hyperbole, polysyndeton, asyndeton, metaphor, synchesis, chasmus, aposiopesis, anastrophe, alliteration, oxymoron, personification, similies, synecdoche, metonymy, assonance, antithesis, ellipsis, parallelism, tmesis, onomatopoeia.

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