2017 Chrysler 300 in Depth: Big, Brassy, Old School ""

By | September 11, 2017


Chrysler long ago posited that a full-size near-luxury car needn’t blend into the background, so it designed its flagship sedan, the 300, to stand out in a crowd. The 300 is particularly handsome in its sporty S trim, with meaty 20-inch wheels, smoke-tinted headlamps, and a menacing black-mesh grille, but even the luxury-oriented C trim carries itself with swagger unique to this class. Its acceleration is adequate but not terribly notable, and the rest of the 300’s driving dynamics are much the same. It has been modernized over the years with the latest in infotainment and active safety technology, but its interior design and materials are beginning to reveal this beauty’s true age. For some, the 300’s shortcomings will be all too obvious, but for buyers seeking a return of the good old days, it might be just the ticket. READ MORE ››



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