2017 Honda Civic Type R in Depth: A Wonderfully Wicked Winged Thing This Way Comes ""

By | August 18, 2017

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Hide your kids, hide your wives, hide your husbands and significant others and family pets, even, because the over-the-top Honda Civic Type R is finally here to terrorize American streets. Its unapologetic styling and incredible chassis are a mash-up of Japanese anime and end-of-days engineering. A wild and crazy 306-hp turbo inline-four pairs solely with a sublime six-speed manual gearbox and drives the front tires—and turns them into smoke in first gear. Honda eliminated the dreaded torque steer that’s common among powerful front-drive cars with a unique front suspension. The signature interior is rife with red accents and fitted with the comfiest sport seats ever. It’s easy to stereotype the Type R’s absurd design from afar. But this wonderfully wicked winged thing has set our hearts ablaze with its otherworldly grip, telepathic steering, sweetheart suspension, and Olympian speediness. READ MORE ››



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