2017 Mercedes-AMG C43 In-Depth Test: Rough Rider ""

By | November 9, 2017


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Filling the gap that exists between the sensible Mercedes-Benz C300 and the raucous Mercedes-AMG C63, the Mercedes-AMG C43 offers mighty performance at a relatively reasonable price. It’s available as a sedan, coupe, or convertible, and the titillating twin-turbo V-6 engine is the star of the C43 show. If only the model’s ride quality were as impressive as its powertrain. As is, the C43’s harsh suspension setup feels as though it channels every road undulation and surface imperfection directly to the seat cushions and up the spines of the driver and passengers. Still, if you can live with the C43’s rough ride, you’ll appreciate typical C-class hallmarks such as a handsome exterior design, a rich and finely pieced-together interior, and a surprisingly playful chassis. READ MORE ››



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