2017 Mercedes-AMG G63 and G65 Tested in Depth: Maniacal Outrageousness ""

By | December 21, 2017


The Mercedes-AMG G63 and G65 are the Bash Brothers reincarnated in automotive bodies. They’re effortlessly cool simply for being what they are: old-school players in a new-school world. Nothing about them makes sense, and that’s the whole point. To create these beasts, Mercedes-Benz’s AMG performance division starts with the Geländewagen, a four-wheel-drive military-style vehicle that has been in production as a civilian conveyance since 1979, and transforms it into two outrageously powerful, luxurious, and expensive machines that refuse to follow convention—for better and for worse. They are the boxes that don’t fit into any boxes. READ MORE ››



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