2017 Toyota Highlander in Depth: Three Rows of Seats, a Few Frills, but No Thrills ""

By | December 1, 2017


To much of the car-buying public, the name Toyota is synonymous with reliability, longevity, and quality, and the Highlander does nothing to skew those attributes. The Toyota name also has become tantamount to boring, and unfortunately the Highlander doesn’t make an attempt to change that, either. It’s a hard-working, capable three-row crossover, but despite its snappy new looks, it’s not an exciting vehicle to pilot. Instead, it relies on its core strengths: people and cargo hauling, fuel-efficient powertrains, and an agreeable ride. Its light refresh for the 2017 model year brought styling, active safety, and powertrain enhancements but—disappointingly—didn’t add Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, or onboard Wi-Fi gadgetry. Still, if a well-built, unpretentious, and highly flexible crossover is what you seek, the Highlander is worth a look. READ MORE ››

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