2017 Toyota Sienna, Tested in Depth: Today’s Family Hauler Is Perfect for Griswold-Style Family Vacations ""

By | June 28, 2017

2017-Toyota-Sienna PLACEMENT

Minivans are the very definition of automotive versatility and functionality. Eye-catching styling is great, and engaging road manners make driving actually enjoyable, but when you need to get a gaggle of kids to ball practice or haul the family to Wally World, something big and boxy is the tool for the job. The Sienna builds on this blueprint with a quiet and comfortable interior, an available rear-seat entertainment system, and the segment’s only all-wheel-drive option. A new powertrain with an adept V-6 and a dutiful eight-speed automatic transmission provide composed cruising and potent passing. The Sienna doesn’t possess either the innovative features or connectivity of the all-new Honda Odyssey or the 10Best-winning Chrysler Pacifica, but it remains a worthy chariot for every task from Home Depot runs to family road trips. READ MORE ››

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