Monthly Archives: July 2017

Electro Retro: Bollinger Motors Shows Its Super-Boxy All-Electric SUV ""

Anyone who ever played with Tonka trucks and radio-controlled off-road toys, or really wanted a Mercedes-Benz G-class, a Land Rover Defender, or an International Scout—which, it seems, could include nearly every American—might find something oddly compelling about the Bollinger Motors B1. Although Bollinger will have to clear many hurdles before…


Prefab Parts Promise Faster Fix for Decrepit Bridges ""

When a trio of homeless men allegedly lit a pile of construction materials ablaze beneath an I-85 overpass in Atlanta, Georgia, in late March, the conflagration destroyed a 100-foot section of the bridge, which plummeted to the ground and brought traffic to a halt. With a chunk missing from a major…


Tesla Model 3 Features, Pricing—and a First Drive! ""

The Tesla Model 3 is the most anticipated car of the year . . . and perhaps the latter half of the decade. Tesla fans have been waiting for this car since 2006, and it’s finally here—and we’ve driven it. We drove a production Model 3 (a red one owned by Tesla’s…