2018 BMW X3 Driven: Fine-Tuned ""

By | December 18, 2017

2018-BMW-X3-30i xDrive-PLACEMENT

Buyers’ wild-eyed enthusiasm for compact-luxury SUVs has put the BMW X3 on a trajectory to overtake the X5 and ultimately the 3-series as the brand’s bestseller. The model has undergone a redesign for 2018, which sees it get slightly larger—not surprising given that the X1 is on hand, soon to be joined by the new X2, for buyers seeking something smaller. The X3 also becomes a more full-fledged member of the BMW family with its upgraded interior. And at a time when some of the brand’s passenger-car offerings have strayed from the BMW’s historically strong dynamics, the new X3 makes an encouraging showing there as well. READ MORE ››



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