2018 Dodge Journey Review: Tolerably Practical ""

By | September 6, 2017

Overview: With a constant flow of new or completely revised crossovers pouring into the market on a regular basis, it’s hard to imagine one that’s now entering its ninth model year without any significant changes. Built on the bones of the Dodge Avenger compact sedan and developed in the waning days of DaimlerChrysler, the Dodge Journey survived the cuts during the Cerberus era prior to Chrysler’s 2009 bankruptcy. Now, under Fiat Chrysler’s stewardship, it’s the second-best-selling Dodge, behind only the soon-to-be-discontinued Grand Caravan minivan. The Journey’s long suit isn’t refinement but bang for the buck. It packs a lot of standard features for not a lot of money. The mid-sized crossover is an ideal size for many, not too big or too small. It’s nearly eight inches shorter and almost 1000 pounds lighter than Dodge’s other offering in this space, the Durango. So it drives more like a slightly taller wagon or hatchback than a hulking SUV; handling is competent but certainly not inspiring. And it offers some interesting storage solutions not often found in competitor’s vehicles. READ MORE ››



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