2018 Ford Explorer in Depth: A Trusty Workhorse for Blue-Collar Families ""

By | October 6, 2017


On the surface, the Ford Explorer appears to be an upscale SUV, borrowing high-class styling from one of the world’s shimmering luxo-utes, the Land Rover Range Rover. But look closer and the Explorer’s true colors begin to show, mainly in the form of a cabin that is durable and family-friendly but not at all posh. Yes, tech goodies such as touchscreen infotainment, onboard Wi-Fi, and forward-collision warning are available as options—but they’re also available on nearly all of the Explorer’s main rivals, too, and some even offer them as standard. The Explorer is capable and agreeable, but its time as king of the three-row-crossover castle is just a memory now. READ MORE ››



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