2018 Hyundai Elantra Sport in Depth: Medium Spicy with a Generous Side of Standard Equipment ""

By | November 22, 2017


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In a segment bookended by the hot Volkswagen GTI and the mild Nissan Sentra NISMO, the Hyundai Elantra Sport is a medium on the automotive Scoville scale. Its turbocharged four-cylinder is more poblano than jalapeño, but its rev-happy nature and eager handling dial in a good amount of spice. Inside is the same businesslike interior that’s found on the workaday Elantra sedan; it’s well built and handsome, but its plainness won’t win the affection of fashionistas. Technophiles will find solace in the Elantra Sport’s infotainment system, which offers many of today’s most desired features as standard including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It’s a great driving car for its price—it undercuts rivals by thousands—and should appeal to budget-minded driving enthusiasts. Plus, generous warranty coverage makes it a good choice for long-term ownership. READ MORE ››



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