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Shutter Speed: Our Favorite Photos from the 2018 Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona ""

Sometimes we have to tip our hats to Florida. Yes, Florida. While it often endures—and, frankly, engenders—the nation’s collective mockery, the Sunshine State is a boon to automotive enthusiasts. Racetracks pepper the landscape, but none is more iconic than Daytona Beach’s Daytona International Speedway. While the track may arguably be better known for hosting NASCAR…


How to Negotiate Your Next New-Car Lease Like a Pro ""

Car salespeople will tell you that most people who end up leasing a new vehicle don’t walk through the door thinking of themselves as lease customers. Rather, like proposals on New Year’s Eve, leasing often just kind of happens, and the person has to live with the consequences of a spontaneous decision. The information here is intended to…


Carbon Fiber from Plants Instead of Oil: Not Just Greener but Cheaper ""

Carbon fiber is glamorous. It helps shed precious pounds from performance-focused cars like those from McLaren (its carbon Monocell is pictured above) as well as upmarket eco-warriors like the BMW i3, and it is increasingly applied as merit-badge splashes of decor on sporty trims of myriad other vehicles. But it also has a dark side in that it’s by no means…