A Favorite, Fading: 2018 BMW 3-series in Depth ""

By | November 1, 2017


The reputation of the BMW 3-series precedes it. In previous iterations, it was a repeat winner of our 10Best Cars award, and the nameplate occupies a place of honor in the heart of many a car enthusiast. The 3-series earned that esteem by being, for a long time, one of the most generally excellent sedans on the road. Communicative steering, satisfying powertrains, and exceptional ride-and-handling balance were hallmarks of the nameplate and made BMW’s sports sedan the benchmark against which other brands aspired. But time, alas, makes fools of us all, and age has dulled the reflexes of the 3-series. It’s still very good, with a full lineup of rewarding powertrains, an eminently useful cargo hold, and, as always, that iconic blue-and-white roundel on the hood. But it is no longer a paragon of its kind. The steering wheel fails to deliver useful feedback, the available adaptive suspension seems imprecisely tuned, and the design is aging. We wouldn’t turn up our noses at a 3-series if one showed up in the driveway, but it’s no longer the sports sedan other companies have in their sights. READ MORE ››



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