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By | February 4, 2017

Many times couples find their relationship becoming stagnant, and they really don’t know where to turn. They don’t have marriage problems that they feel need marriage counseling but they know that there marriage needs something. So the following are things that make for successful marriages.

FRIENDSHIP: Being friends is one of the things that all successful couples have going for them. They treat each other with respect and talk about everything. They respect each other as individuals and don’t feel threatened when the other person talks about their feelings about things.

DATE NIGHT: Another thing that most successful marriages do is set special time aside for just the two of them. This time is important for you to be together as a couple, relate as a couple and open up communication. Time together, with just the two of you, can bridge the gaps in your marriage.

TIME AWAY: For a marriage to work it is important to have a healthy balance between couple time and alone time. Set a time, once every other week for example, that your or spouse goes out with friends, and enjoy an activity that they love. This is important and if not abused can keep the marriage healthy.

SHARING: Balancing household responsibilities and working together as a team, whether parenting or dealing with finances you will find that teamwork is the key to a healthy relationship. Working together on solutions to problems and challenges and decisions is a great way to stick together through thick or thin.

UNDERSTANDING: Another key to a healthy relationship is to realize that your spouse is not always going to be perfect. If your spouse is upset and gets short with you, because he is stress from his work day, it is important to have understanding and compassion without taking it personally. When you are close to someone you usually end up taking out some of your problems on them. But instead of fighting back, speak to your partner and try to deal with the actual issue.

Every successful marriage has a communication system that works for both partners. If you haven’t yet achieved this then consider taking a course on communication or getting some books from your local library to better help you relate to each other.


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