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By | February 5, 2017

I always smirk when I hear that line by some commentator. ‘They won because they believed in themselves’, well ‘da’, I would say. The statement isn’t very useful if you don’t have any idea of what it actually means. That would be akin to saying on this day they believed in themselves and today, since they lost, they must not have. What is true is that if you are grounded in the belief that you will be playing in the playoffs, you will be. You can see however that there would be something wrong with a franchise who didn’t believe they could.

With 15 teams competing for four spots one might say that it is going to take more than just believing, I would so no. Believing is a state of mind. It is something that is occurring prior to the results. Have you ever seen a quote ‘average stat player’ see his next season blossom into the stats the team originally hoped would be the case when they signed him? What changed? All the announcers ever do is make statements to the effect that that’s what they were expecting and he’s now coming into his own.

The Washington Nationals could be a team whose talent ‘matures’ and becomes a dominant team as soon as the second half of this season. Every team leading the pack is doing so riding on the mass beliefs of all of baseball. It is the organization’s role to alter the conversational energies which keep a team stuck in the place in the story they find themselves. It wouldn’t take much. Cleanse any negative emotion in an organization from the media to the boardroom and you will see results.

Here is the key to know. Energy always precedes everything. Energy is feelings, emotions, intent, desire, a looking for, and it precedes every result in every single situation before, during and after every game. Who brings this energy before every manifestation? The fans, the ownership, all aspects of the media, the players, the coaching staff, the employees of the organization, the stockholders, the investors and advertisers, and you, all bring the energy first. It’s in the conversations you speak about the team, the players, about what you think is possible or not, it’s in the interpretation of what happens on and off the field. It’s in every positive and negative feeling you put in the air. Surely you don’t think the Cubs have fallen short because of their talent alone.

Who changes the possibility for your team’s success? You do.


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