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By | February 5, 2017

At the Professional level of sports, injury is an important factor to take into account with a team’s million dollar athletes. Players use their bodies at the peak of what the human body is capable of, and it often comes with a cost, either rip and tear injury, or Tendonitis.

It is also valuable to realize that rip and tear injury can and does lead to Tendonitis.

I bet the guy who invented baseball never even knew what Tendonitis was. Back then, guys either had pain and injury and were out, or they toughed it out and played through and with it. Back then, the training wasn’t as intense as it is now. Baseball has evolved some since it first began in dirt lots and little home town diamonds.

Now in all sports programs there is intensive training as well as the rigors of each separate sport. This is a lot of potential wear and tear on the tendons that the body is constantly compensating for and trying to heal.

Whether it’s from impact, or sudden forceful movement with resistance, the structural integrity of a tendon can suddenly fail, which usually leads to a partial tear, but can result in a completely severed tendon. One is obviously worse than the other.

Tendon is incredibly tough connective tissue. The rip rarely happens in the body of the tendon itself. Tears usually happen somewhere where tendon blends into muscle. It is the weak point in the structure.

Tears can happen in ‘healthy’ tissue if the load is too great.

For the most part, this only happens after the tendon has been stressed over and over for a long period of time. They get strained, too much load is constantly placed on them from tight muscles, small tears turn into weaker scar tissue, and eventually the strength of the structure fails under pressure.

Any conversation about sports and injuries needs to take into account all the underlying principles of tendon injury and tendonitis, not just proper form and preventing overuse.

So let’s say a player had a partially torn tendon. They take time off, let it heal and rehab, maybe even get surgery.

The tendon heals with scar tissue, which is structurally weaker than it was before. It is easy for a scar tissue fiber to rip.

When one of those scar tissue fibers rips off, the body recognizes it as an injury and what does it do? It turns up the inflammation, which makes the Pain Causing Dynamic speed up.

So when you read in the news that your favorite player has ‘healed’ from his injury and is back on the active roster, know that Injury and Tendonitis is not an ‘on’ or ‘off’ situation. It’s ongoing.

There is no mystery as to why players get recurring injury. Why teams and trainers continue to rely on Rest and Corticosteroid shots for sports and injuries and tendonitis problems I’ll never know.


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