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By | February 5, 2017
Do you like collect major league baseball cards? It has been an American past time for decades? When were the first baseball trading cards produced? As far back as the 1860s! This was right when photography and baseball first started becoming popular. Although trading baseball cards these days are different from the past, there has never been more interest in collecting baseball cards.
So who are the most popular teams at these online auction sites? I decided to do some investigating to find out for myself. I used a few different methods to decide which teams were the most popular major league teams, at least in regards to baseball card sales.
Here are my results:

1. Yankees. This no surprise as the Yankees are the top franchise in major league baseball in the largest city in the US. I was a little surprised at just how much ahead of second place they are. But it’s more than just popularity. It’s business. The Yankees cards from decades ago are very much in demand because they were the top team in baseball with the most stars.
2. Red Sox. Not that big of a surprise either. The Red Sox are an old established team with many superstars in the past and are in a major metropolitan area.

3. Dodgers. The Dodgers of course include the old Brooklyn Dodgers and the current Los Angeles Dodgers. A historic and successful franchise in two major cities. They were not far behind the Red Sox at all.
4. Cubs. The Cubs are loved by their fans. The franchise has had it’s ups and downs, but their fans are as dedicated as any. Many great players in their long history also.
5. Giants. Similar to the Dodgers of course in that they started in New York and moved out west to San Francisco. Not as many championships but a history of great players on both coasts. The Willie Mays card is one of the most popular cards online.
After these top 5 teams there are 10 others that are fairly close. After that, there is a big drop off in the popularity of the remaining teams, mostly because of smaller cities and newer franchises. While the online auction sites create a lot of sales of baseball cards they rarely have sales as large as the offline auctions. In 2007 a T206 Honus Wagner, was sold to a private collector for $2.35 million.


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