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By | February 4, 2017

India’s dynasty is full of different religions and cultures adding colours and flavours to the lives of the people of the country. The cultures and religions, it has, varies in its practices and accomplishments of its rituals, because of the regional touch into it. The people of India are famous across the globe for their religious beliefs and the cultural practises they perform to keep the name of their kin alive in the community. Indians particularly are very considerate about their religions and the norms they are supposed to follow. Especially, in case of the Indian marriages, they keep a very close watch, that each and every ritual in the marriage should be performed with all the respect and integrity towards their respective religion.


In case of the Indian marriages, other than the regional touch and the flavour of the respective area, the ceremonies of that particular caste or religion is supposed to be performed in the same way. One such caste is Brahmins, which is considered to be the most respected community in the country. They are said to be related to the priestly family of the country. They are given a very high status in the country and are supposed to perform the religious duties of the community. The ceremonial practices of marriage in Brahmins are bound to remain same, wherever they go, other than the tit- bit changes, due to the effect of the area they are residing in. Due to the possession of the highest class in the Indian society, the Brahmin marriages are believed to be of the purest forms. They are full of religious and sacred practices, performed with full devotion, keeping in mind each and every single step.


Few of the marriage rituals in all the Brahmin marriages remain same, with little changes because of the area and the regions, they are living in. marriages are generally divided into pre, during and post marriage rituals. There are many ceremonies and arrangements, which are done during these time periods. A large difference can be seen in the Brahmin marriage rituals of the southern and the northern regions of the country. Some marriage ceremonies like, matching the horoscope compatibility of the bride and groom, pre matrimony ceremonies, betrothals, are the rituals, which tend to be same between the north and south Brahmin matrimonies.


There are many rituals, which are performed in the respective houses of the bride and groom, which involves the whole family, which gets together to bless the couple. Brahmin marriages also witness the practise of tying thread to the groom, which is to mark his manhood. Mehndi, haldi, gift taking ceremonies all are performed in all the regions of the country, performing Brahmin matrimonies. On the day of marriage, the groom goes to the house of the groom, sitting on a horse, where he is welcomed in a big way by the family of the bride. The rituals of actual marriage ceremony differ from region to region and the subjective caste they belong to.


Fire is supposed to be the most sacred element in the marriage of Brahmins. Circles around the scared fire, are taken in all Hindu matrimonies and which ties the bride and groom in the life long bond of wedding. The bride and groom exchanges garland with each other. While taking the auspicious circles or marriage, a knot of togetherness is tied between the bride and groom, which is done by one of the close relatives of the bride or groom. After completing the marriage ceremony, the bride and groom, are tied in the relation of oneness, after which post matrimony ceremonies are performed. Out of the post Brahmin matrimony ceremonies, bidai is one ceremony, which all Brahmin matrimony are bound to practise. Thereafter, the bride and groom lives happily together forever.


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