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By | February 4, 2017
In India Marriage is a famous and very important culture since ancients time. In this culture a man and a woman who are going to marry to each other tied in a new relation that is called Marriage. Two different families from different region make a new relation by this tradition. The couple who are going to make a new relation making themselves dependent often for the purpose of maintaining and founding a family.

From the ancients time only arrange marriages accepted everywhere throughout the history. But in the present world a new trend discovered in marriages and that is Love marriage. This tend was mainly came from western countries and now it is very famous in India also. And most of the youngsters in India prefer love marriages rather than arrange marriages.

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Arrange Marriage versus Love Marriage:-
Marriage is fundamentally like an institution which combines the man and woman in a knot of mutual independence, for the purpose of searching and keeping a good family. Many people thinks that the love marriages offers more independence and freedom as compared to the arrange marriages. In love marriage you have freedom to find your partner in your own way and the most general question that is asked in case of arrange marriages is that how can you marry someone you dont know? If you have all information about your partner before marriage then it will allow the partners to have a better respect and understanding for each other needs and desires.
But in case of arrange marriage, you have no independence to select your life partner. It all depends on your parents that who is your partner in future. We can also call it Vivah in India. In this type of marriage, the married couple can consult their parents at the time of financial crisis or some other problems.


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