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By | February 4, 2017

The topic of interracial marriage has been one filled with different sentiments both negative and positive. Interracial associations like marriages are marred with many difficulties. There are two main views about these marriages and the first one is the Egalitarianism view.

This is one that accepts or finds no fault with this kind of union while the one that seeks to disagree is the cultural conservatism view. The former is a view of many young people while the older people in society are rather conservative with this regard.

It has been a long road in many countries of the world to accept interracial marriage as a form that can work and succeed. Although many countries still disregard it. In the United States, a court ruling in 1967 in a landmark case set the stage for interracial freedom to marry.

The Loving v. Virginia case paved the way for more liberal views on interracial marriages all over the world. In Nazi Germany, it was illegal for Germans to marry people from different races. Also, during the apartheid era in South Africa, whites were not allowed to mingle with blacks in this way.

Therefore, the world has come a long way. This is a time in history when the number of interracial marriages has gone up. People have integrated in different platforms and for this reason, they have come to understand and appreciate different cultures well. After all, we are living in a global village. It is an exciting time to mingle with the world thanks to fast communication tools like the Internet and other technological advancements. However, having said this, there are many people who still hold conservative views.

If you are a person who is married or dating a person of a different race, you know fast hand some of the challenges that are rife. Anne, a black African immigrant who got married to Anthony, a white man she met in Atlanta United States, has had to live through hell over the past two years.

Her parents in law have labelled her openly as a gold digger many times. She is constantly reminded that her marriage was to secure herself in the country and to get citizenship. It is not uncommon that many races especially those who are not well up economically to get looked down upon.

If you are preparing to get married to a person of a different race, it is important for you to be prepared. You might step on many toes through your action and even be the target in many instances. For example, in the Arab world, many Muslim men and women who marry outside their jurisdiction face execution.

I’m talking about honour killings from relatives to preserve the law of the book. It is never an easy road but as they say, love can blind people. The bottom line is that we are all human beings who have the power to give love and receive love no matter the race, status, religion and other major barriers. To be happy, you have no choice but to follow your heart.


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