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By | February 4, 2017

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Natural photos have their own essence and they are more expressive than the formal or arranged photos. But taking natural photos for the perfect result and impression, you will need to be alert at all times, which is just not possible. Natural photos are priceless pieces of art, but with arranged or formal photos you can try to create emotions, particular expressions in order to get the desired effect. These two aspects of photography are used in different fields, like occasions, contests, formal requirements etc.

Similarly, natural baby photos have their own value and are the preferred format when it comes to these contests. A baby photo taken naturally brings out the cuteness and the sudden development of baby emotion. The bottom line though is that whether natural or arranged, baby pictures taken are always cute, regardless of anything.

So, how can you take pictures of your baby, when he or she is doing cute things? Well you don’t have to become one though. If you take the shot from the level of their eyes, then you would be able to capture the perspective of the baby. Try to garner the trust of your baby, so as to capture the best of the angles. Try to play with the different angles and once you have got the perfect picture don’t stop already. Carry on shooting. If you take close ups of the face then you would be getting all the detailed emotions with the lovely expressions.

Taking baby photos naturally, means you have to take it as candidly as possible for the best results. The trick here is to be ready always. Always place your camera close by and within your reach and remember to keep those batteries charged. If you are outdoors then tuck the camera somewhere close by, for example the diaper bag, so that it can be grabbed when there is an opportunity for a fun picture to be taken. Shoot as freely as you can and if it is digital camera then there are no worries at all. While taking natural shots for your baby photos, don’t be too concerned about the clothes of your baby or wanting your baby to be fresh. Some really cute natural pictures of babies are when they are messy and all covered with ice cream or “similar things”.

Taking formal or arranged pictures of babies are usually in some occasions or even for some baby photo contest. If you want to take baby pictures for the above reasons, and then be sure to feed your baby and see to it that he or she is healthy and had proper rest. Babies if hungry, tired or even sick would not provide you with bright smiles. Try to keep the baby entertained with the help of your friends, any family members or an assistant. This would enable you to be free and take the shots without any worries to manage or position the baby. And then you would be able to take the perfect shot or capture the cutest expressions. Simplicity should be the main objective while taking formal pictures of a baby. Avoid any kind of distractions and keep the background clear from pets, siblings, toys etc.

You can have a simple background by just hanging some blanket or a colourful sheet etc behind. The next important thing to keep in mind is lighting because it does matter. Do not employ lighting that is harsh, so as to prevent washed out photos of your baby. Sunlight, a ready source of natural and warm light, is the preferred option when it comes to lighting and baby pictures. Trying moving the baby so as to get the perfect balance of shadow and light for the picture.

Whatever kind of pictures you take of your baby, the best way to do is by zooming in with nice and tight shots result as this will bring the focus on to the baby than the details in the background. While taking formal or arranged pictures opt for the poses that are traditional, like full head or body and the most popular shot is the shoulder one. Colour based pictures are always wonderful but there are some who still prefer the black and white or even the sepia modes because these are artistic and add a classy touch to the pictures. When taking the pictures in whichever format, remember to be relaxed and be in your best mood as this tends to affect the outcome of the pictures and your baby’s mood.


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