Bad and Bougie: 2017 Chevrolet Corvette Tested in Depth ""

By | September 27, 2017


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If there was ever any doubt that the Chevrolet Corvette’s place in the public consciousness is that of a long-awaited reward for retirees, the joy ride that a white-haired, aviator-glasses-wearing Joe Biden took in his 1967 Corvette on Jay Leno’s Garage served as ironclad confirmation. But just because it’s often the province of Social Security recipients doesn’t mean that the Corvette isn’t the real deal. With a thundering 455-hp V-8 under the hood, so much grip that it feels as if it generates its own gravitational pull, and a ferocious countenance, the Corvette is a great sports car—a supercar, in some of its guises. Better yet, it’s far more affordable than many of the cars it competes with for performance. Noticeably Chevrolet-ish interior materials are our only quibble; no one who sits inside will confuse this for an Audi. Once you pin the accelerator or swing through a corner at speed, though, they’ll be too stunned to complain. READ MORE ››



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