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By | February 4, 2017
Methods of pain control to help patients with advanced breast cancer is of great significance to improve the cancer sufferers existence quality and prolong existence. pain: pain often prompts cancer has entered the middle and late. How to mitigation of pain in patients with advanced cancer, increase appetite, improve patient quality of life is so important things. Pain in patients with advanced breast cancer is very serious. Relieving cancer pain is of great significance to improve the cancer sufferers existence quality and prolong existence . There is many methods of pain control Such as medications, surgery, nerve blocks, acupuncture, relaxation techniques, such as skin irritation to help patients with advanced breast cancer.

1. Medication for pain control.
Aspirin and other common analgesics can stop the pain, in particular, regularly take to avoid the occurrence of pain. If these drugs can not methods of pain control, the patient should take use the Demerol and morphine, narcotics to relieve pain.
2.Surgical for pain control. Surgical methods of pain control is the cut off pathway which deliver pain stimulation to the brain, such as selective posterior rhizotomy (SPR) and Tract amputation. After surgery, pain is gone. Hot and cold feeling will disappear.
3.Acupuncture for methods of pain control.
the Chinese therapy of acupuncture, Chinese medicine is the most features and advantages of treatment services. Acumox and tuina are a key point in T. C. M. In addition, they are the first brand of T. C. M. that go abroad and win recognition of the world. acupuncture has effects beyond placebo, it is through the physical stimulation and release of the bodys natural painkillers. Acupuncture anesthesia and acupuncture analgesia has promoted the acupuncture therapy to the world.

4.distraction method of pain control:
Mobilize the enthusiasm of patients To distraction, do not pay attention to pain. This method can sometimes stop the most severe pain.

5.Skin stimulation method of pain control. The use of friction, temperature change, pressure and other side Stimulate the skin, the skin nerve endings excited to make the pain feel the arrest and reduced.


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