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By | February 4, 2017


Although there are several types of bladder cancer, we usually think every time we hear or read this term transitional cell carcinomas. Are cancers that form inside the cells that form the lining of the bladder. One other cancers that come under this heading are squamous cell carcinoma and adenocarcinoma. The latter, unlike the first, generally the result of some form of chronic irritation and inflammation.

Warning signs of possible bladder cancer are things like blood in the urine, painful urination and feeling the need to urinate but without experiencing results when you want to achieve that. Although these signs are not always symptom of bladder cancer, which must be examined by a health professional.

Each of us often tend to think of smoking as related to lung cancer, doctors believe that their research has shown absolute connection between smoking and bladder cancer. Have reported that most cases of bladder cancer may be due to snuff smoking. They also reported that there is also a clear link between this cancer and the use of artificial sweeteners.

The bladder cancer studies have shown that people who work in areas that expose these elements to snuff smoke are at a greater risk of developing cancer, though they themselves are not smokers. Research has shown how these fields include occupations such as bus drivers, rubber workers, motor mechanics, leather workers, blacksmiths, machine setters, mechanics and hairdressers. Without most of these are due to cigarettes, some of the same elements in the smoke of snuff may also be connected to these occupations.

Many doctors believe that his many studies have shown that a diet that includes fruits, carrot, radish, cauliflower and other plants that may be included in the category of cruciferous vegetables definitely tend to reduce the risk factor of developing some form of this type of cancer.

Bladder cancer can be treated differently, to match their stage of development. In principle, it can often be treated by a very superficial treatment known as immunotherapy with BCG. Later stages usually demand more aggressive treatment such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Some treatments with experience to visit in terms of involving the operating conditions of the large intestine.

There have been about eighty thousand new cases of bladder cancer diagnosed this year alone and the year is not over yet. Of these, about fifteen thousand have ended in death. We have the tools available and the knowledge that our medical experts have given us to reduce these numbers.We use to help ourselves but others.



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