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By | February 4, 2017

Tunisia, located in the northernmost part of Africa, is surrounded by Algeria, Libya and Mediterranean Sea. This export oriented country with a diverse economy is growing at a rapid pace creating a plethora of employment opportunities. Jobs in Tunisia are increasing with it being announced the 40th most competitive economy in the world by the World Economic Forum.


There are plenty of career options in Tunisia as its economy is not dependent only on exports of oil, gas or petroleum. From manufacturing to mining to agriculture to tourism to energy to real estate recently, all the sectors of the country are developing. Tunisia is among the countries with highest per capita GDPS (PPP) in Africa and Middle East. It is one of the most established trading partners of European Union (EU) and ranks 30th in the list of EU’s largest partners. Therefore, there are millions of jobs in Tunisia across various sectors even as the country deals with problems of unemployment. Some of the major cities of the country are its capital city Tunis, Sousse, Sfax, Gabes, Bizerte, Kairouan, Aryanah, Gafsa and few others.


Healthcare and banking jobs in Tunisia are also on rise as large investments are made in these sectors. Though the country has an authoritarian regime, the government is much dedicated to the cause of economic and social development. It is growing by 5% every year for over a decade and progressing towards betterment more & more. The privatization of various Government owned entities has also led to a much needed boost in its economy. Moreover, it has been able to diversify financially much better than other countries in Middle East resulting in a higher job generation.


Jobs in Tunisia are available in education sector as well since great importance is attached to it. It is especially focused on the quality of education is proved by the fact that the report by world Economic Forum placed it on 17th and 21st position in the categories of quality of higher and primary education respectively in 2008-09 in The Global Competitiveness Report. There are various colleges and universities in the country and literacy rates have been rising. As a result, teaching jobs in Tunisia across various disciplines and languages especially English are open to expatriates. Those well trained and experienced in teaching English as a language can easily find jobs in this African country.


Tunisia jobs are well paid and sought after by many especially those unaffected by the way the country functions politically. Since it is not democratic, it does not allow freedom of speech and press or open criticism of the government. One cannot question anything like in other countries and so those who can tolerate the monopoly of power can easily work in the country but not otherwise. Since each and every country has its own set of rules, it is rational to know the culture and lifestyle followed prior to moving in. Some of the facts about Tunisia and its functioning can be listed as following:


– The population of Tunisia is nearly 10 million and growing.

– The official religion is Islam with a small percentage of Christians and Jews.

– With 98% Muslims in the country, Modern Standard Arabic is the official language but Tunisian Arabic is spoken by majority of the population.

-It allows free exercise of other religions for Non Muslims as long as public order remains undisturbed.

-The legal framework allows equal rights to women as men in terms of justice, education, employment, labor laws, social welfare, citizenship rights and non discrimination in all the areas.


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