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By | February 4, 2017
When I was in school, I don”t ever remember visiting my University career center, in fact I don”t even remember knowing one even existed. Hey, back then, it was about partying as much as possible without letting the grades get too low. The US economy was doing well, work opportunities abundant and I didn”t have to spend as much time as soon to be graduates making sure that a job was waiting for me after I finished with school. An internship was only for those students interested in getting into government related careers., besides, summer”s were for”. right; more partying. Nowadays I spend most of my time at work helping young students and professionals find international internships and see how much times have changed. The world”s economy is floundering, jobs are scarce and everyone”s looking to do everything they can to bolster their resumes so that they can have a leg up on the competition when they arrive in this new job market.
Internships are now becoming the norm, so much so that some companies are using them as part of their screening process for new hires. Have you interned in the past, tick, add your resume to the stack of “hire-able” candidates. No tick, resume goes in the dump. Now, how do students make their resume stand out against the rest that got the tick? One great way is to get some international work exposure. Some studies are showing that students who have had an opportunity to live abroad have a chance to pick up critical thinking skills that help them to become more successful managers at work. Also, living abroad and adapting to new cultures gave these participants the ability to integrate multiple perspectives on varying issues and gave them a chance to perform better in a job than their counterparts. This study went on to show that a bigger percentage of those who had international working experience received promotions more quickly than those that stayed in their home countries.
By getting international internship experience, you show future employers that not only are you independent enough to be able to survive in a foreign setting, but that you have picked up many skills that will help make you outperform the rest of your peers.

So now your sold on the idea, you need international exposure but the world”s economy is in recession, and finding an international internship or job has become 10 times more challenging not only from the US, but also across most international markets including China. As a student, you need to look into as many different international channels as possible to find that opportunity to gain some real life work experience while testing out one or even a few potential career paths during your time off from school. A great resource to take advantage of is the Universities career center, sometimes also referred to as the internship and career services office. The primary goals for these university offices are to help students find opportunities to take their class room learned skills and theories and put them into practice through internship placements or into jobs after they graduate. What better proof is there for a school then to show that their graduates go on to find amazing career opportunities.
So, during your next break from class, go check out our school”s career center and see what information and help they”ll be able to offer. I”m sure you”ll be pleasantly surprised what resources they have available for you and you”ll be on your way to making your resume really stand out from the crowd.


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