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By | February 4, 2017

One24 is a relatively new MLM company that was created by a gentleman by the name of Mark Seyforth. That name may sound familiar because he was one of the MLM giants involved with Herbalife. Even though MLM companies have been around darn near forever,, and the matrix concept is not new,  this company has put a different spin on an old idea, and combined it with a pretty popular product as well. The result is that One24 may end up becoming the next big MLM company in 2011 and beyond.

There is something unique about the company and that is this: you can’t just pay some money, sign up, and start building a downline. It doesn’t work like that.  In this opportunity. you begin by being invited by someone, and you must register your name to be put on a waiting list to join. Yes, that’s right, you must be put on a waiting list to pay your money. That’s different. Also, somebody must give you a “Green Ticket” in order to join. Then, once you join, you are given 24 green tickets which you then may give to 24 other people who are on the waiting list. However, what’s really different is that you can’t just give out 24 green tickets all at once, because you are only allowed to give out one green ticket per month, and that is over a 24 month period, and that accounts for the company name: One24

Now, the compensation plan is a matrix, but it follows a single downlineline. That is where everybody who joins the company in your group, is placed in a single vertical downline. With the payout plan, the company claims that is it possible to earn enough so you could retire from your regular job within 24 months, and with the very lucrative compensation plan, at least on paper it does seem possible. In addition, there is a monthly cost, however this is to become a distributor for the product, which is called Nutraburst.  This is a powdered drink that when mixed with water or milk becomes a superfood. The fascinating aspect of this product is that each serving of the powdered drink contains 8 grams of protein, and yet has only 50 calories. This makes the drink an excellent weight loss drink or body building supplement, so it’s beneficial for either losing weight or putting on muscle.

The cost for entering the One24 matrix program, and becoming a distributor, is $60 per month, however, that also includes a 30 day supply of the product, Nutraburst. At this time it is the company’s only product, but based on the company’s projected growth, they may add other nutritional products as well in the future. This does appear to be a legitimate business opportunity featuring a legitimate and beneficial nutritional product. However, as with all products or business ventures, due diligence should be observed before spending or investing time and money. To earn money on the internet, solid training, coaching, and mentoring are always the best tools to incorporate before beginning.


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