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This Little Girl Is Being ‘Tortured’ By The Government

When asked for her name, she just wrote a number. This five-year-old girl is suffering inside an Australian detention centre. The Iranian asylum seeker is being held with her family at the Wickham detention centre in Darwin, where she is suffering post traumatic stress disorder, has attempted self-harm and is displaying sexualised behaviour, according to Save The Children.… Read More »

Hugh Jackman’s Alan Rickman Impression Is Pretty Darn Funny

Although it’s probably not real. Hugh Jackman has uploaded this video of him “impersonating” Alan Rickman, and, regardless of its authenticity – it’s pretty good. The quote used is from Diehard which means Hugh Jackman probably likes that movie? IDK. People think it’s real / not real but really who cares because Jacko can do this: Twentieth Century… Read More »

13 Things Only Guys With An Extremely Mediocre Dick Will Understand

Not big. Not small. Just, mediocre. It seems like all people want in life is a big dick, which you can’t offer HBO You’ve spend a lot of time researching ~random facts~. Google You’re extremely jel of Michael Fassbender. Momentum Pictures Fuck you, Fassbender. Momentum Pictures View Entire List › BuzzFeed – Latest Sydney, Australia ▻Vacation Travel Guide.

What I Learned From Spending My Entire Twenties In Debt

Sian Butcher/BuzzFeed “I want to share what I learned about spending my entire twenties in debt,” I said to a friend in the pub when we sneaked in a quick drink before dinner at a new restaurant we'd finally bagged a reservation for. “Tips on how to avoid it would be so useful for young people,” she nodded… Read More »

Kate Bosworth’s Hairstyle Just Won Coachella

Everybody bow down. Now. Well renowned as a ~style queen~ of Coachella, Kate Bosworth has a habit of nailing every single festival outfit. Ankle boots: check. Appropriately-sized handbag: check. Pretty embodied jacket: BIG FAT CHECK. Add aviators and strong blush game, and you've got yourself a classic example of Bosworth perfection. Rachel Murray / Getty Images This year,… Read More »

Video Shows Family In Massive Brawl With Arizona Police Before Fatal Shooting

Police shot and killed a man last month after he disarmed an officer during a lengthy brawl outside an Arizona Walmart. View Video › City of Cottonwood, Arizona According to The Arizona Republic, the fight broke out on March 21 after police responded to a call about someone shoving a woman who worked at the store. In the… Read More »

Wogs invite Aussies for Australia Day

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105 Thoughts Every Girl Has In American Apparel

Let’s go with the nylon disco shorts. In silver. 1. Wow, so window display, many colours. 2. Wait, isn't this the place with the ads that look like porn? 3. Will these clothes make me look like porn? 4. Do I want to look like porn? 5. And why do only the women look like porn? 6. Whatevs,… Read More »

Eva Mendes Has Joined Instagram With The Most Adorable Childhood Photo

Now where’s the Ryan Gosling photos, hmm? This is not a drill: Eva Mendes has finally joined Instagram. Instagram: @evamendes And what better way to do it than with this spot on throwback picture? Eva has joined the social networking site to keep us up-to-date with her clothing and beauty lines (hallelujah). Instagram: View Entire List… Read More »


Recorded December 2006 & January 2007. Highlights of my Australian vacation include… 00:22 Sydney, Australia 02:40 Blue Mountains 03:09 New Year’s Eve scen… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Look Inside My Book!: ******************************************************************** My Free eBooks: FLUORIDE: http://fluor…

Pakistan thrash Australia 2nd ODI highlights 2002 Challenge Series DOCKLANDS

ENJOY! And dont ask me for a review of this series, every series doesnt magically have a review I can upload, BE GRATEFUL, YOU GET THIS RARE STUFF FOR FREE. Border Security Australia’s Frontline season 14 Compilation @Only in Australia Border Security Australia’s Frontline season 14 Compilation @Only in Australia Border Security Australia’s Frontline… Video Rating: 5 /… Read More »

The Fine Art Of The Clapback

It’s a skill that, when employed properly, can banish someone attempting to throw shade back to the Dark Ages. Use with caution. Paramount Pictures / Via Logo TV / Via View Entire List › BuzzFeed – Latest Bella belted out Demi Lovato’s powerful number. Go to for more news, videos and backstage galleries. Video Rating:… Read More »

24 Reasons Why Your Dog Is The Only Valentine You Need

Cheers to those kind dog souls who retrieve our hearts. First of all, they’re always excited to see you, even if you don’t surprise them with roses. They’d also be the perfect drinking partner… Freshpet / Via … And they love food just as much as you. Your pup would probably even cook you the… Read More »