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What I’d Do Differently: Andy Palmer ""

C/D: Did you really leave school at the age of 16? AP: Yes. I didn’t really understand what an engineer was, but I knew I wanted to be in the car business; I loved stripping down old engines. The quickest route was through an apprenticeship, so at 16 I quit…


Why Better Paint Coatings Are Critical for Autonomous Cars ""

As our cars learn to drive, the only proof they’re learning is intangible. Algorithms, sensors, 3D maps, V2V, the cloud—they’re digital, mostly proprietary components that can’t be independently tested. But there’s a physical part that promises to make autonomous travel safer, plus it’s all sparkly and pretty. It’s called paint….


Get to Know Nio, A U.S.-Bound Brand from Chinese Startup NextEV ""

What’s next for Chinese electric-car startup NextEV? The company provided a peek into its future at the South by Southwest Conference and Festivals in Austin, Texas. Taking the name Nio (not an acronym, the name is inspired by the Greek neo), it unveiled a forward-looking concept called Eve, previewing an…