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Porsche GT Boss: A Mid-Engined 911 Is a Possibility ""

The forthcoming mid-engined Chevrolet Corvette may face some stiff competition from its old foe the Porsche 911. Speaking with Car and Driver at the Geneva auto show, Porsche’s GT model line director, Andreas Preuninger, revealed that a mid-engined variant of Porsche’s classic sports coupe is “absolutely” a possibility. Nevertheless, Preuninger was quick to note that…


MSOooh, Ahhh: McLaren Wastes No Time with Custom 720S Velocity ""

Just one day after McLaren released the second-generation Super Series 720S into the wild, the firm added sprinkles, chocolate syrup, and cherries on top by bringing a custom 720S to the Geneva auto show: a McLaren Special Operations (MSO) product named Velocity. After making its debut in orange and light-blue colors, the 720S…


Bentley EXP 12 Speed 6e Concept: The Flying B Goes EV ""

Bentley is embracing electricity. The British brand will oversee the introduction of a plug-in-hybrid variant of its Bentayga SUV sometime next year, with other models to follow. Plug-in hybrids, though, are merely a stepping stone to all-out electrification, something the brand has discussed with us a couple of times previously….