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Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Just Misses 200-MPH Vmax ""

Chevrolet has two bargain supercar eaters in its arsenal. The first is the 650-hp Corvette Z06, which starts at $81,440, and the second is the newer kid on the block, the 650-hp Camaro ZL1 for a measly $63,435. The ZL1 clearly is a steal, as Chevrolet has announced it can sprint to 60 mph in…


The Roadgoing SCG 003S Will Lap the ’Ring in 6:30, Says Its Maker ""

Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus can only succeed if the performance of the 003 Stradale exceeds that of the competition—such is the curse of what essentially is a supercar startup. But the claimed figures are promising, and SCG founder (and father of its namesake) Jim Glickenhaus certainly isn’t known for fooling around. After turning…


Tesla Adds Charging-Station Status Indicators to Its In-Car Maps ""

Public charging infrastructure is rapidly ramping up around the country, but it’s woefully lacking in one area: ease of use. Anyone who’s tried to charge an electric vehicle—except for those from Tesla—probably knows that it can be a jungle out there, with inconsistent charger interfaces, restricted access, or required keycards or…