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Boards of Canada – Kid for Today

By | October 4, 2014

Label: Warp Records Catalog #: wap144cd Country: UK Released: 27 Nov 2000 Genre: Electronic Style: Ambient I’m positive that the percussion loop in this trac… The student visa toCanadaallows overseas students to study at many of its world-class universities and colleges. It allows students to study inCanadaeither at a primary, secondary, or post secondary institution, or in a… Read More »

Confusing Politics With Religion

By | January 7, 2014

Much is made these days about the threat of “Radical Islam,” and the fact that the Jihadists often seem bent on killing as many Westerners—particularly Americans—as they can. This has led some to adopt a posture of “political protectionism,” akin to the trade protectionists we see in some circles, warning of the dangers posed by “radical Muslims” throughout… Read More »