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Channel Punjabi Television Inc. Contact for news and advt -Kulwant Singh Gill-9814264624 Channel Punjabi Television Inc. is national Punjabi channel in Canad… Video Rating: 3 / 5 Drummer Boy Image by ExposureStudio Occupy Rally October 29, 2011 Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Beyond Politics – Joe Clark

Joe Clark, Canada’s 16th prime minister, was one of three children born to Grace and Charles Clark in High River, Alta. Clark’s father was a newspaperman and… The business community is one of the most influential and powerful sectors right next to the government of any nation. The business community has the capacity to manipulate the economy of… Read More »

Canada Business Visa

There are many decisions you have to do when you start a business, and even more after your business is already established. A decision you need to consider is the expansion of your business. The best approach to business development is to ensure that you will be able to build outward in a strong economy. Some business owners… Read More »

Canada’s Vancouver

The city of Vancouver is found along Canada’s west coast in the province of British Columbia. Vancouver is named for a British explorer who found the area around 1790. The name comes from the Dutch van Coevorden referring to somebody who was from Coevorden in the Netherlands.   Vancouver is one of Canada’s largest cities with more than… Read More »

Canada Honeymoon

Canada is the most popular choice of majority of couples who are opting for a romantic honeymoon destination. It will be a wonderful experience for the couple as there are many beautiful spots and destinations such as national parks, mountains and beaches. The best time for visiting Canada is during summer season as the weather during summer is… Read More »