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Pruritus in Dogs

Weight Destroyer 101 Pruritus in dogs is a chemical reaction in your pet’s skin that stimulates their nerves and sends a signal to the brain that tells them to itch. There are several forms of this condition ranging from very mild where there is no problem, to the severe form that can lead to intense itching. This intense… Read More »

Red Zone Dogs

Dealing with an aggressive dog can be very challenging. The greatest challenge is when the dog’s aggression is intermittent and no real trigger can be identified. The other challenge is if you have a “red zone dog.”   I have heard from more than one client  they have a red zone dog. This phrase has been used primarily in conjunction… Read More »

Cute Dog Collars and Dog Fashion

The next time you go to the dog park, take a look at the dogs. Look closer and you should see different types of dog collars and leashes. Rather than those dull basic doggie collars you see at your local pet store, you will see some designer dog collars. There are hundreds of dog/puppy boutiques both online and… Read More »

Crate Training Puppies

Weight Destroyer 101 When it comes to housebreaking, crate training puppies is probably the best method of education. Most veterinarians recommend this technique over all others. By nature, dogs enjoy having their own small, personal space. They understand how to take care of this area, which includes not soiling the floor. This is the primary reason why crate… Read More »

Moon Dough Puppies Review

In case you have not heard yet one of the best new toys to come out recently is the incredible Moon Dough.  With Moon Dough you are getting a modern day upgrade of the famous and popular playdough.  The batter is formulated to correct three flaws with playdough.  Moon Dough never dries out, it will not flake or… Read More »

Rabies in Puppies

No one wants to see their dog turn into Old Yeller, right before the movie’s tragic ending. It’s even more traumatic to see your defenseless little puppy suffer. We’ll take a closer look at what to look for. What is rabies? Rabies is a viral infection of the central nervous system that leads to neurological damage. It can… Read More »

Polydipsia in Dogs

Polydipsia in dogs itself is not a life threatening or even a serious situation, but it can very easily be the signal that there is something wrong with your dog. The underlying causes could range from liver and kidney problems, to infections and high blood calcium. If it is not extremely hot and your dog starts to drink… Read More »

Maltipoo puppies for sale

The tea cup breeds are meant to be held, cuddled and when there is a need for exercise, taken for a walk or simply playing with them. This sort of comes naturally, since they are playful and energetic. The Maltese are a popular toy size puppy for sale in Star Yorkie Kennel CA. When handled like a vulnerable… Read More »

Hydrocephalus in Dogs

Hydrocephalus in dogs is a condition where you will have to make a decision about your dog or puppy. There are sides that feel that any dog with this condition should be moved completely out of any potential breeding situation, and there are sides that feel that the dog should be euthanized immediately. Dogs with this condition are… Read More »

Puppies 101

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “having a puppy is like having a baby.” It’s not far from the truth. Puppies, eat, sleep, and poop, and they don’t wear diapers. Add to that the fact that puppies have a full set of sharp little teeth and the ability to run, and you have something that requires even more work… Read More »

Pamper Your Dog With Dog Beds

People who own pet dogs know this very well that Dogs are “loveable companions”. They care of, just like family members. Giving them a comfortable space of their own is one way of pampering them. Providing them with a dog bed is the most effective way of doing that.  There is nothing more relaxing than having a bed… Read More »

Feed your dog with best dog food

Feeding your dog from the greatest meals they deserve will assist them hold fit and fine all day long. They are able to serve you well should you feed them on the correct foods they deserve and keeping an eye to the dog food though obtaining it within the market is therefore a task which must not be… Read More »

All About Dogs: Dog Grooming

If you are going to groom your dog, go online to your pet supplies and pet stores and order some basic grooming tools. If your dog is short haired, a curry brush/comb or a curry brush is fine. Longer haired dogs need a slicker brush, a pin brush and if they are moulting, an undercoat rake. You also… Read More »

Dogs With Anemia

Anemia is defined as a low red blood cell count. It can be caused by blood loss, destruction of red blood cells or the inadequate production of the red blood cells. Below I have listed some of the causes of Anemia in dogs, signs, and treatments. Causes of Anemia Blood loss – caused as a result of an… Read More »

Dysphagia in Dogs

Dysphagia in dogs can be mild, or it can become so severe that your dog can not eat simply because they are having a very difficult time swallowing. This condition may be localized and centered around one primary area in your pet, or it may be something much more serious. If not corrected, it could cost your dog… Read More »

A Dog?s Nose

How powerful is a dog’s nose, really, and how does it work? You may wonder why dogs in particular are used to sniff for drugs at the airport and lost children in the forest. Are they really that good at sniffing out their target?  In short, yes.   When you walk through the street, you view the world… Read More »

German Shepherd Dogs

German Shepherds first started being developed in the late 19th century by a man named Max von Stephanitz. Stephanitz is still today credited as having fathered the entire German Shepherd breed. An admirer of the German sheep dog of the time, he chose to breed selectively to procure his most desired traits and weed out those that were… Read More »

Huge Dog Dog Crates

Dog crates would be the best alternatives to kennel the dog especially if you are away in the office or in case you go away on errands like shopping. They keep the dog safe some times when it’s not necessarily possible so that you can have a wristwatch on your ex. It as well keeps your house from… Read More »

Chigger Dog

CHIGGER DOG Chigger dog is common infestation that is found in dogs. Chiggers are present in grassy area and get stuck to the body of dog if they cross the infested area. Chiggers are present around legs, abdomen and head in dogs. They also infest cats. Chigger is not only the creature that attaches themselves to dog. Ticks… Read More »

Protection Dogs

Before you got to buy a protection dog you must first decide if you want one for personal protection or home protection?  There is several different breeds of dog for protection. Some breeds of dogs offer both home and personal protection.  A dog can be a very important asset to your home, it can provide you security if… Read More »


Hopefully you will never have to face this situation, but what do you do if you find Ryan unconscious and not breathing? Ryan is your buddy and best friend and as scary as the scenario seems, it could happen and you should be prepared to deal with it. For various reasons, Ryan may stop breathing and his heart… Read More »

Prozac for Dogs

Maybe you are one of the many dog owners who is at your wit’s end because Frank has issues. By issues, these can be separation anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), incessant barking, or chasing his tail. You have tried everything. You put him in puppy training immediately. But no matter what, for some reason Frank barks from the… Read More »