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Changes for French Bulldog Puppies

In case you are not aware of the fact, then to say you that you can select puppies for adoption via online too. The procedure may appear to be very complex, but it is simplest one if you are looking for French bulldog puppies for sale on online. Many people including film stars and celebrities prefer to adopt… Read More »

Why Do Puppies Bite?

We have all experienced it when we get a new dog. For the first day they are adorable puppies who can do nothing wrong and are unbearably cute. It is not long though until the same puppy is terrorising the household by biting people and testing their new teeth against the furniture. Training your puppy to not bite… Read More »

Prevent Dog Aggression

It’s important to know that even the cutest, sweetest appearing puppy can bite if it has been provoked.  Often times, people are bitten by their very own dog or a dog that they are familiar with.  Unfortunately, some owners have been known to promote aggression in their dogs or leave aggression unchecked.  Certain breeds of dogs have been… Read More »

Dog Fighting

BRAIN STORMING Introduction/ Thesis statement 1.   Dog fighting was once considered a sport and an entertaining event which was harmless. 2.   Dog fighting is far from being entertaining or a sport, but is an in humane activity that is some may consider a sport. 3.   The history will give informational findings dealing with early stages… Read More »

Treating Parvo in Puppies

Parvo is a terrible disease which kills thousands of dogs every year. The saddest thing of all is that puppies are most likely to catch the illness. It can be very distressing to watch your young puppy go through the horrors of Parvo but fortunately there are a number of ways you can help your puppy to survive.… Read More »

Boxer Dogs as Hunting Dogs

A lot of people know boxer dogs to be one of the most versatile breeds around, having the capability of adapting to any role, such as that of a guard dog, a police dog, a seeing-eye dog for the blind, a family pet or a working dog. What few know is that the boxers actually originates from a… Read More »

Puppies Under the Christmas Tree

Just imagine the look of surprise and the squeals of delight you would experience if your children found an adorable, fuzzy puppy under the Christmas tree. It would truly be a moment to capture on film or video and remember for years to come. The problem is, the moment turns into years of commitment. Training a puppy takes… Read More »

Dog Toys and Puppies

Do you know how important dog toys are for pet dogs? Regardless the age of your dog, toys play a crucial role of your pet’s wellbeing. When your pet is young, everything to him will seem like a toy. Your boots, slippers, newspapers, books, living room carpet, and anything he feels like chewing. Puppies love chewing, and it… Read More »

Toy Dogs

No, you never wind them up and they never take batteries “Toy” canines are turning out to be much more well-liked all on the time. These tiny k-9s, the result of generations of selective breeding, are usually bred as companion animals and persons just appear to really like them. Their miniature size and playful nature (most toy breeds… Read More »

Eczema in Dogs

Eczema is a very tormenting skin condition which is experienced by people of all ages, from infancy to adulthood. Eczema has many types but  some of the common signs and symptoms include red, dry, inflamed skin. For people suffering from this condition, it can be extremely itchy, produce burning sensations and in severe cases cause blisters and sores.… Read More »

German shepherd puppies for sale

These days people are becoming more concerned about different kinds of pets and thus you can fid out many people enjoying their time with these animals that are not just animals for them but are just like their family members… there are more than a few pets that are more innocent and friendly as compare to other pets… Read More »

The Cute And Lovely Puppies

  A puppy is a juvenile dog. The puppies are cute, lovely. Bringing a new puppy into one’s home will change life forever because puppies create joyful environment all the time. There are various sizes of puppies and their weights are also different. The weight of the puppies depends on their sizes. Some puppies may weigh 1-3 lb… Read More »

Dogs and Heartworm

Though a lot of various different animals can be greatly affected by contracting the dreaded disease we call by heartworm. Dogs are one of the most usual and perhaps most common targets that fall victim to such a condition. But what exactly is heartworm and why is there all this hype about keeping your dogs safe from this… Read More »

The Adorable English Bulldog Puppies

If you are serious about having one at home , also be prepared to match up with his energies. No two litter will have same traits or identical characteristics . Each litter has its own individuality. These three international kennels have predetermined a set of breeding measures and all breeders have to stick to these while breeding bulldog… Read More »

How To Shop For Puppies

Shopping for puppies can seem like an easy task, but you still need to take some considerations to heart. There are a few things that need to decide before you rush and decide on a puppy. You need to be sure of the type of personalities and qualifications that you want this puppy to have. When you are… Read More »

Working Dogs

Dogs are mans best friend in many ways.  Either in a social or working situation dogs want to please and be part of the pack to which they belong; and despite the influx of technology, when it comes to certain jobs there is no one better to help than our canine counterparts.   Types of working dogs:  … Read More »

Best Dog Breeds

“We long for an affection altogether ignorant of our faults. Heaven has accorded this to us in the uncritical canine attachment.”~ George Eliot Dogs of any breed are considered as the best and loyal friend of human. They as a friend play a vital role in our life. From the past many centuries dogs are considered as domestic… Read More »

Dog Food Ingredients: Merrick Dog Food

Merrick Dog Food has buffalo as its first ingredient. 80% of water is included in raw buffalo but moisture is lost during cooking that results in reduced meat contain than its original state. Probably this product has lower position in the market as compare to the raw meat product. The next ingredient in this brand food is salmon… Read More »

Characteristics of Puggle Puppies

Some people seem to think there is no difference between a hybrid and a mutt, but this is simply not the case. A mutt is generally a dog where it has an unknown percentage of a variety of different breeds of dog, while a hybrid is an intentional mix of two purebreds. For example, Puggles puppies are created… Read More »

Dog Parks and Your Dog

Dog parks have a mixed reputation. Some people feel that dog parks are a wonderful place for dogs and owners to go and socialize with others. Dogs can sniff and play in a safe, fenced in environment and become well socialized with other dogs. Owners can give their dog exercise and friends, while also meeting and interacting with… Read More »

Cancer in Dogs

Dogs also do battle with cancer too. Cancer in dogs, while considered rare, are just as fatal as the ones that hit humans. Canine cancers, just like its human counterpart, do not have a single proven cause. A variety of factors can be possible causes of this cancer, such as diet and genes. Unlike humans, dogs cannot bring… Read More »

Dog Rescues – Save a Dog

It is really sad to think of the number of dogs being put to sleep because they are battered, abused or simply unwanted. These include a great number of dogs that would make excellent house pets and companions for someone. When you think of getting a dog, why not consider one of these poor animals that are destined… Read More »

Obese Dogs

I saw this article yesterday and just and to write something about it since obese animals are one of my biggest pet peeves. About 20 years ago when I graduated from school my very first client had a huge German Shepherd. When I say huge, I mean *huge*. He weighed over 120#. When I’d take him out to… Read More »