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How To Shop For Puppies

Easter Cup Cake Ideas | Easter Eggs | Easter Recipes | Easter Stories Shopping for puppies can seem like an easy task, but you still need to take some considerations to heart. There are a few things that need to decide before you rush and decide on a puppy. You need to be sure of the type of… Read More »

Working Dogs

Easter Cup Cake Ideas | Easter Eggs | Easter Recipes | Easter Stories Dogs are mans best friend in many ways.  Either in a social or working situation dogs want to please and be part of the pack to which they belong; and despite the influx of technology, when it comes to certain jobs there is no one… Read More »

Akita Dogs

Easter Cup Cake Ideas | Easter Eggs | Easter Recipes | Easter Stories Akita dogs are big dogs that need plenty of training to turn them into them a good friendly house dog. Having an Akita dog is not like owning any other dog. This is a huge assertive dog that by nature is domineering and will look… Read More »

Best Dog Breeds

“We long for an affection altogether ignorant of our faults. Heaven has accorded this to us in the uncritical canine attachment.”~ George Eliot Dogs of any breed are considered as the best and loyal friend of human. They as a friend play a vital role in our life. From the past many centuries dogs are considered as domestic… Read More »

Dog Food Ingredients: Merrick Dog Food

Merrick Dog Food has buffalo as its first ingredient. 80% of water is included in raw buffalo but moisture is lost during cooking that results in reduced meat contain than its original state. Probably this product has lower position in the market as compare to the raw meat product. The next ingredient in this brand food is salmon… Read More »

Characteristics of Puggle Puppies

Some people seem to think there is no difference between a hybrid and a mutt, but this is simply not the case. A mutt is generally a dog where it has an unknown percentage of a variety of different breeds of dog, while a hybrid is an intentional mix of two purebreds. For example, Puggles puppies are created… Read More »

Dog Parks and Your Dog

Dog parks have a mixed reputation. Some people feel that dog parks are a wonderful place for dogs and owners to go and socialize with others. Dogs can sniff and play in a safe, fenced in environment and become well socialized with other dogs. Owners can give their dog exercise and friends, while also meeting and interacting with… Read More »

Cancer in Dogs

Dogs also do battle with cancer too. Cancer in dogs, while considered rare, are just as fatal as the ones that hit humans. Canine cancers, just like its human counterpart, do not have a single proven cause. A variety of factors can be possible causes of this cancer, such as diet and genes. Unlike humans, dogs cannot bring… Read More »

Obese Dogs

I saw this article yesterday and just and to write something about it since obese animals are one of my biggest pet peeves. About 20 years ago when I graduated from school my very first client had a huge German Shepherd. When I say huge, I mean *huge*. He weighed over 120#. When I’d take him out to… Read More »

How To Buy Bichon Terrier Puppies

Numerous people are intrigued at the thought of owning a designer dog. One extremely well-liked kind of hybrid is the Bichon Terrier or Yo-Chon. The question is how do you go about discovering Bichon Terrier Puppies? Before you even think about obtaining a Yo-Chon for a pet, clearly you would have to do some study on the internet… Read More »

Pruritus in Dogs

Pruritus in dogs is a chemical reaction in your pet’s skin that stimulates their nerves and sends a signal to the brain that tells them to itch. There are several forms of this condition ranging from very mild where there is no problem, to the severe form that can lead to intense itching. This intense itching will lead… Read More »

Red Zone Dogs

Dealing with an aggressive dog can be very challenging. The greatest challenge is when the dog’s aggression is intermittent and no real trigger can be identified. The other challenge is if you have a “red zone dog.”   I have heard from more than one client  they have a red zone dog. This phrase has been used primarily in conjunction… Read More »

Cute Dog Collars and Dog Fashion

The next time you go to the dog park, take a look at the dogs. Look closer and you should see different types of dog collars and leashes. Rather than those dull basic doggie collars you see at your local pet store, you will see some designer dog collars. There are hundreds of dog/puppy boutiques both online and… Read More »

Crate Training Puppies

When it comes to housebreaking, crate training puppies is probably the best method of education. Most veterinarians recommend this technique over all others. By nature, dogs enjoy having their own small, personal space. They understand how to take care of this area, which includes not soiling the floor. This is the primary reason why crate training is such… Read More »

Moon Dough Puppies Review

In case you have not heard yet one of the best new toys to come out recently is the incredible Moon Dough.  With Moon Dough you are getting a modern day upgrade of the famous and popular playdough.  The batter is formulated to correct three flaws with playdough.  Moon Dough never dries out, it will not flake or… Read More »

Rabies in Puppies

No one wants to see their dog turn into Old Yeller, right before the movie’s tragic ending. It’s even more traumatic to see your defenseless little puppy suffer. We’ll take a closer look at what to look for. What is rabies? Rabies is a viral infection of the central nervous system that leads to neurological damage. It can… Read More »

Polydipsia in Dogs

Polydipsia in dogs itself is not a life threatening or even a serious situation, but it can very easily be the signal that there is something wrong with your dog. The underlying causes could range from liver and kidney problems, to infections and high blood calcium. If it is not extremely hot and your dog starts to drink… Read More »

Maltipoo puppies for sale

The tea cup breeds are meant to be held, cuddled and when there is a need for exercise, taken for a walk or simply playing with them. This sort of comes naturally, since they are playful and energetic. The Maltese are a popular toy size puppy for sale in Star Yorkie Kennel CA. When handled like a vulnerable… Read More »

Hydrocephalus in Dogs

Hydrocephalus in dogs is a condition where you will have to make a decision about your dog or puppy. There are sides that feel that any dog with this condition should be moved completely out of any potential breeding situation, and there are sides that feel that the dog should be euthanized immediately. Dogs with this condition are… Read More »

Puppies 101

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “having a puppy is like having a baby.” It’s not far from the truth. Puppies, eat, sleep, and poop, and they don’t wear diapers. Add to that the fact that puppies have a full set of sharp little teeth and the ability to run, and you have something that requires even more work… Read More »

Feed your dog with best dog food

Feeding your dog from the greatest meals they deserve will assist them hold fit and fine all day long. They are able to serve you well should you feed them on the correct foods they deserve and keeping an eye to the dog food though obtaining it within the market is therefore a task which must not be… Read More »