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19 Whiskey Drinks To Put On Your Winter Bucket List

You + quick, impressive cocktails = GOD. Whiskey-Peach Cocktail To get your daily fruit serving (not really). All you need: whiskey, peach jam, club soda, and thyme (to garnish). Get the recipe here. localhaven / Via Whiskey Sour Master this and become the world's BFF. All you need: whiskey, lemon juice, lime juice, and powered sugar. Get… Read More »

How To Make The World’s Best Hot Chocolate

The secret is to use really great chocolate, and not much else. James Beard award-winning pastry chef Jacques Torres is so committed to using only the highest-quality chocolate that in 2000 he left the restaurant world to open his own chocolate factory in Brooklyn. Today he has two factories and eight stores where he sells his assorted chocolates,… Read More »