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17 Easy Ways To Make Your Pancakes More Awesome

Breakfast will never be the same. Red Velvet Pancakes Hint: Valentine's Day. Get the recipe here. Abigail Wilkins / Via Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Pancakes Time to use the extra can of pumpkin you have lying around. Get the recipe here. Leigh Needham / Via Lemon Ricotta Pancakes For when you feel like gettin' fancé. Fine the… Read More »

You Won’t Be Able To Stop Watching These Mini Food Cooking Videos

I’ve never felt more zen and more anxious in my whole life. LET'S JOURNEY INTO MINI LAND, SHALL WE? These pancakes are perfect, even when the spatula is ashamed at its flipping job. (Masterful, solid recovery.) JUST WHEN YOU THINK FRUIT CAN’T GET ANY SMALLER, OH, IT CAN. View Entire List › BuzzFeed – Food

Here’s How To Make Crispy Sriracha Chips

Yet another way to put your favorite condiment on everything. For delicious Sriracha and cheese snack ideas, click here. You + Sriracha = The Ultimate Romance. Lauren Zaser / BuzzFeed Sriracha + 200°F Oven = Crispy Sriracha Magic. Lauren Zaser / BuzzFeed View Entire List › BuzzFeed – Food

23 No-Bake Desserts That Want To Be Your Valentine

Nutella cheesecake is definitely better than a boyfriend. Triple Chocolate Brownies With three kinds of chocolate involved, an oven would just feel like the fourth wheel. Recipe here. Stacy Newgent / Red Velvet No-Bake Cheesecake Oreos and whipped topping never looked so good. Recipe here. Affogato Coffee and a scoop of gelato make a pretty great… Read More »

POLL: Chicken Breast Or Chicken Thigh?

The big question. Since the dawn of time, humanity has asked questions without knowing if an answer was possible. What is the meaning of life? Who put us here? Can we decide if thigh or breast is the superior chicken meat? Now, more than ever, we need an answer. History Channel BuzzFeed – Food

31 Easy Dinners With No Meat To Make In 2015

Happy No Meat New Year! Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed One-Pot Pasta Primavara One pot, all delicious. Tuscan Bean Soup Get your soup on. Thai Chickpea Curry With Coconut Rice Sweet, spicy, and easy? What more could you want? View Entire List › BuzzFeed – Food

25 Delicious Chili Recipes That Are Perfect For Cold Weather

Spice up your life. Or your winter, at least. Skinnytaste Smoky Black Bean Chili Done in 30 minutes. Get the recipe. Slow Cooker Sweet Potato Chili If you ask me, ALL bowls of chili should be topped with a shining beacon of cornbread. Get the recipe. Three Bean Chili Get the recipe. View Entire List… Read More »

27 Holiday Desserts That Are Full Of Booze

This year I asked Santa to bring me a cake full of bourbon. Peppermint Affogato Do not, under any circumstances, skip the peppermint Kahlua. Get the recipe. Christmas Rum Cake Stupid easy, because you use cake mix, but still classy as heck. Get the recipe. Loaded Chocolate & Hazelnut Liqueur Turnovers Booze in the pastry, chocolate… Read More »