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Stampede At Zimbabwe Stadium Church Service Kills 11

The stampede took place at an all-night “crusade” at the Mbizo Stadium in Kwekwe. Eleven have people have died following a stampede at a church rally in a northern Zimbabwe stadium, AFP reported. Google Maps The newspaper reported that the crowd brought down the stadium's wall in a bid to open other exit points. The police allegedly then… Read More »

Rebel Leader Challenges Ukrainian President To A Duel

Luhansk People’s Republic leader Igor Plotnitsky invited Petro Poroshenko to single combat “on the example of ancient Slavic chieftains and glorious Cossack atamans.” Ukraine’s foreign ministry said Plotnitsky was “only worthy of a duel in Ukrainian court.” An election flyer for Luhansk People's Republic leader Igor Plotnitsky. KIEV, Ukraine — The leader of one of the main… Read More »

Czech President Pelted With Eggs

Protesters showed the pro-Russian president a symbolic ‘red card,’ symbolizing their desire for him to be thrown out of office. When giving a speech commemorating a time of great national pride, it isn't often that a president has to be protected from hurled garbage. But that's what happened on Monday in the Czech Republic. Petr David Josek /… Read More »

Dutch Police Arrest 60 At “Black Pete” Festival

The arrests came after clashes broke out between supporters and opponents of the controversial blackface tradition. Police in the Netherlands have arrested 60 people following clashes between supporters and opponents of the controversial Christmastime tradition known as “Black Pete”. AP Photo/Peter Dejong The unrest occurred at a festival in the city of Gouda, in which Saint Nicholas, the… Read More »

LGBT Rights Group Wins Landmark Case In Botswana

This is the second ruling from an African court this year upholding the right to form LGBT organizations. Facebook: 204201474250 / Via Facebook: 204201474250 A court in Botswana's capital Gaborone ruled on Friday that the government cannot refuse to register the LGBT organization known as LEGABIBO (Lesbians, Gays, and Bisexuals of Botswana). This is the culmination of a… Read More »

Mexican Gang Members Admit Killing Missing Students, Possible Remains Found

The victims were shot to death, and their bodies ground up and burned before being dumped in bags in a muddy river, Mexico’s attorney general said. Mexico's Attorney General Jesus Murillo Karam speaks during a news conference in Mexico City November 7, 2014. Reuters / Tomas Bravo Mexican authorities said Friday they have recovered plastic bags filled with… Read More »