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Graham On Immigration: GOP Going To Lose Again If We Don’t “Get Our Heads In A Better Spot”

“And my party is in a bad spot over this issue, and if we don’t wake up and get our heads in a better spot, we’re going to lose yet again.” Sen. Lindsey Graham, the South Carolina Republican who is expected to launch a presidential campaign soon, says his party will keep losing elections if they don't… Read More »

Lindsey Graham: If Court Rules Marriage Bans Unconstitutional It Will Be Time To “Move Forward As A Society”

“If the Supreme Court rules sometime this year that same-sex marriage bans are unconstitutional, then that will be a defining moment in that debate. It will be time for us to move forward as a society.” South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, who is expected to announce a presidential bid, says if the Supreme Court rules same-sex marriage… Read More »

A Fox News Contributor On Being Gay, The GOP, And Religious Liberty

Guy Benson Courtesy of Guy Benson WASHINGTON — Guy Benson — the baby-faced, fast-talking Fox News contributor who is the political editor at — has something to say. “Guy here,” he writes in his forthcoming book. “So, I’m gay.” This is not the main point of the book, however, not at all. Benson’s sexual orientation is given… Read More »

Huckabee Jabs Bush: Raising Money Off “The Family Rolodex”

“I’m convinced it’s not going to be the same it was eight years ago. Will I have the same amount that somebody like Bush would have? Probably not.” Jim Young / Reuters Former Arkansas governor and medically-questionable diabetes cure pitchman Mike Huckabee says Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is fundraising off the “family rolodex.” Huckabee, who is expected to… Read More »

Obama Will Back Clinton, But He May Not Make Her Campaign Easy

The delicate dance between the candidate and the president has been, so far, surprisingly smooth. But Clinton will have to hang on through Obama’s YOLO period. Pool / Getty Images Hillary Clinton has signaled that she will run a campaign rooted in embracing President Barack Obama, and muting any differences in policy and style between them because she… Read More »

When The Federal Government Told Two Men That Their Marriage Could Not Exist

“You have failed to establish that a bona fide marital relationship can exist between two faggots,” an Immigration and Naturalization Service official wrote in 1975. The letter behind The Washington Post’s story of Anthony Sullivan’s marriage to Richard Adams. On Sunday, the Washington Post‘s Robert Barnes told the story of Richard Adams and Anthony Sullivan, an American and… Read More »

Hillary Clinton Hasn’t Said How She Thinks The Supreme Court Marriage Cases Should Turn Out

As recently as June 2014, Clinton said a “state-by-state” approach was “working.” Charlie Neibergall / AP WASHINGTON — In two weeks, the Supreme Court is due to consider whether bans on same-sex couples marrying violates the U.S. Constitution — an issue Hillary Clinton has not spoken about in almost a year, when she said a “state-by-state” approach was… Read More »

The 20-Year Hillary Clinton Humanization Project

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed On a quiet day in 1995 — during her third year in the White House — Hillary Clinton visited a museum in Washington and paced the galleries, hoping to blend in for a day. She didn’t. A passerby approached. “You sure look like Hillary Clinton,” she said. “So I’m told,” Clinton replied. The former… Read More »

Internal Data: Hillary Clinton Paid Women And Men Equally

A report on Clinton’s office compensation earlier this year quickly became a conservative talking point. Internal data shows she paid a dollar for dollar during her Senate tenure across all offices. Win McNamee / Getty Hillary Clinton paid women and men equally as a U.S. senator, according to a review of internal salary information that shows full-time female… Read More »

Jeb Bush Camp Hires Former Romney Staffer To Run Hispanic Media Operation

Emily Benavides, who served as national Hispanic press secretary for Mitt Romney’s campaign will lead Hispanic media for the eventual Jeb Bush campaign for president, BuzzFeed News has learned. Bush at the Hispanic Leadership Network conference in Coral Gables, Fla. in April. J Pat Carter / AP Jeb Bush has hired Emily Benavides, an experienced Hispanic media operative,… Read More »

Rand Paul Changes His Twitter Handle And Title Ahead Of Presidential Announcement

The doctor is in. Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul is now going by “doctor” on Twitter and has a new handle entirely. Paul is expected to launch his presidential campaign tomorrow in his home state of Kentucky in a speech. Removing the title of “senator” from his Twitter handle could be one step in a presidential campaign that is… Read More »

Joe Sestak Senate Campaign Pulls Videos, Campaign Anthem At 1980s Rock Band’s Request

A walk to remember. The launch of the campaign to the song. Joe Sestak, a Democrat in Pennsylvania who is running for U.S. Senate, launched his campaign by pledging to walk nearly 500 miles in Pennsylvania. His anthem was the iconic 1980s song “I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)” by The Proclaimers. The song played prominently throughout a… Read More »

Jeb Bush Sat On International Advisory Board Of Gold Company With Controversial Subsidiary

Bush was a member of Barrick Gold’s international advisory board, whose mining subsidiary has settled claims of sexual assault and violence and recently was accused of bribery in Africa. Charlie Neibergall / AP Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush sat on an advisory board for a mining company with a controversial subsidiary firm that has settled claims of sexual… Read More »

Marriage Advocates Set For Supreme Court Arguments On April 28

Mary Bonauto, longtime marriage equality advocate, will argue for marriage equality. Douglas Hallward-Driemeier will argue in support of marriage recognition claims. WASHINGTON — One of the key architects of the marriage equality movement, Mary Bonauto, will argue in support of same-sex couples' marriage rights at the Supreme Court on April 28, the legal teams representing the marriage cases… Read More »

Huckabee: Obama’s “Extraordinary Disdain” For Israel Comes From “Identity With, Sympathy” For Middle East Nations

“I think he resents the strength of Israel.” View Video › Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee says President Obama has “extraordinary disdain” for Israel and such disdain originates from his own sense of identity and sympathy for the “other Middle Eastern nations.” Huckabee added that Obama resents the “strength of Israel” and re-elected prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.… Read More »

Woman Says Obama Tried To Nuke America, Santorum Offended She Suggested He’s Still In Congress

“First off, I take somewhat offense of referring it to ‘you’ because I’m not a sitting member of the Senate so I’m not taking blame for any of that stuff.” Former Sen. Rick Santorum addressed the South Carolina National Security Action Summit last week, put on by Frank J. Gaffney, Jr., president of Secure Freedom. Sen. Ted Cruz… Read More »

The Koch Brother-Funded Latino Group That Democrats Fear And Loathe

The Libre Initiative helps immigrants learn to drive in Nevada, does food banks in Texas and holds free health clinics in Florida. So why are Democrats in key states ringing alarm bells up to the national party about the organization? Jenny Chang/BuzzFeed Last August, Pastor Marcus Burgos brought a group to his church, which is located in a… Read More »

Obama: I First Learned About Hillary Clinton’s Emails From News Reports

The president refrains from criticizing Clinton’s personal email usage, but tells CBS News he’s “glad that Hillary’s instructed that those emails about official business need to be disclosed.” Carolyn Kaster / AP President Obama said Saturday that he's “glad” Hillary Clinton has asked the State Department to publicly release emails she sent during her time as secretary of… Read More »

Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez Takes Aim At Susan Rice In AIPAC Speech

Last week, White House National Security Advisor Susan Rice called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s trip to the United State “destructive of the fabric of the relationship.” In his address to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee Monday, Sen. Menendez earned a standing ovation from the crowd when he refuted Rice’s comments. Rice had previously addressed the crowd.… Read More »

House Republicans Still Hate The Senate

The “blame the Senate” mantra continues for the House GOP over the DHS funding battle. U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) talks to the media. Yuri Gripas / Reuters WASHINGTON — At the start of this session of Congress, House Republicans were hopeful that things would be different and with the GOP in charge of the Senate,… Read More »

Eric Holder Endorses Death Penalty Moratorium As Some States Halt Executions Over Drugs

The attorney general suggested a nationwide hold on executions pending a Supreme Court review of Oklahoma’s lethal injection protocol. Alabama, Florida, Ohio, and Tennessee have halted executions recently over drug issues, and activists called for Oregon’s outgoing governor to take action on the issue as well. Attorney General Eric Holder said on Tuesday that a death penalty moratorium… Read More »

Jeb Bush Makes Vague First Foray Into Foreign Policy

His prescription: Hit ISIS, arm the Ukrainians, keep NSA surveillance, chuck the original justification for getting into Iraq in 2003. Broad strokes, but few details. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush listens to a question during an appearance at The Chicago Council on Global Affairs in Chicago, Illinois, February 18, 2015. Jim Young / Reuters CHICAGO — “I am… Read More »

Top Latino Donors Warn Clinton: Do Better With Latinos Than Dems Did In Florida, Colorado

The donors and fundraisers tell BuzzFeed News Hillary Clinton must set up a real and meaningful operation to reach Latino voters. Other wishes? A Latino vice presidential nominee. Andrés W. López, a lawyer from Puerto Rico and Henry Muñoz, DNC Finance Chair, helped raise $ 32 million for President Obama in 2012. Ricardo Pérez A network of top… Read More »

The 2001 Law Authorizing Many U.S. Military Strikes Isn’t Going Away Soon

The White House didn’t ask for the 2001 law to be ended. And there’s little support among Republicans to do so. U.S. Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) Jonathan Ernst / Reuters WASHINGTON — The 2001 law that the Obama administration is already using to justify military operations against in Iraq and Syria is unlikely to be repealed or even… Read More »

Liberal Organizing Group Implodes In One Tumultuous Afternoon

Eight senior staffers at the New Organizing Institute resigned after calling for the firing of President Obama’s 2012 data director. They took much of the rest of the staff with them. New Organizing Institute (NOI) Executive Director Ethan Roeder (left) NGP VAN / Via WASHINGTON — The New Organizing Institute, a progressive grassroots outfit responsible for training… Read More »