Uber And Lyft Get Green Light In Portland

The ride-hailing services win the right to operate in Oregon’s largest city — temporarily. Uber After months of legal wrangling, Uber and Lyft have negotiated a deal to operate in a city that's proven notoriously difficult for the ride-hailing companies to crack: Portland, Oregon. Tuesday night, the Portland City Council…


Facebook Isn’t An App, It’s A Colossal Social Conglomerate

The company is getting huge in areas outside its core social network. Each day its apps are responsible for 45 billion messages, and 4 billion video views. Facebook is a social network. And a messaging service. And a collaboration tool. And a video player. And a phone. The company, which…


MakerBot Closes Stores And Fires Staff After Missing Financial Targets

The 3D printing company has laid off about a fifth of its staff and closed its three retail stores. It’s a reality check for the 3D printing industry. William Alden / Via BuzzFeed News MakerBot, the buzzy maker of 3D printers, is going through a painful retrenchment after a period…


Google Faces Antitrust Investigation By European Union Regulators

The EU has accused the search giant of illegally using its search powers to squash competition. Virginia Mayo / ASSOCIATED PRESS Commissioner Margrethe Vestager's “statement of objection” could force the internet giant to change its business model in Europe, as well as pay a large fine. Vestager alleged that Google…


The Most Powerful Consumer Drone Is Coming To The Market This Summer

Autonomous, flexible, GoPro-ready. 3D Robotics We still don't know what drones are for, exactly. That's what Chris Anderson, WIRED Editor-in-Chief turned CEO of 3D Robotics believes. But he has an idea. “The real distinction for drones, and what we do best,” he told BuzzFeed News, “is autonomy.” Anderson, and his…


Inside “The Vault,” Apple’s VIP Room For Gold Watch Buyers In NYC

First in the room this morning were Jack and Carol Weber, University of Virginia professors about to celebrate their 50th anniversary. And that means a golden gift is in order. Mark Lennihan / Associated Press And those who signed up to try on the “Edition” line of gold watches —…


Square Rolls Out New Marketing Tool To Get You Back In The Door

The payments company is using transaction data to help merchants build targeted email campaigns. Image: Square Square released a new marketing tool today designed to help local businesses that use Square Register run targeted email advertising campaigns. The new service, Square Marketing, is designed to let merchants reach previous customers…


Uber Breaks Out The Big Guns With New Security Hire

The ride-hail giant poaches Joe Sullivan from Facebook to be the company’s first-ever chief security officer. The Call of Duty armored vehicles Uber rolled out as part of a promotion during the June E3 gaming conference in Los Angeles. Uber/Activision / Via i.ytimg.com Uber has a new chief security officer…


Tim Cook Puts His Dent In The Universe

By taking public stands on social issues, Apple’s CEO is forging a role as his own kind of visionary leader. Apple CEO Tim Cook kicks off an Apple event on Monday, March 9 in San Francisco. (AP Photo/Eric Risberg) Eric Risberg / AP “We're here to put a dent in…


How The Screenshort Could Save Us From Horrible Headlines

So far screenshorts — screenshots of text shared on social media — have had an excellent 2015. They’re bleeding from their origins on Twitter and Instagram out into Facebook and across the web as the most effective way to share blurbs of text. Media companies have noticed and have begun…


New Apple TV Set Top Will Debut This Summer With App Store, Siri

Apple intends to show the device off at its annual World Wide Developers Conference in June. Martin Hajek / Via martinhajek.com For years Apple has described TV as an “area of intense interest,” trashing the current TV experience as antiquated and asinine, and repeatedly hinting at plans to evolve it….


This Startup Is Designing Yeast To Make Brand-New Scents, Flavors

Rose perfume, the smell of fresh-cut grass, cosmetics: It’s all part of the brave new world of synthetic biology. Operators at Ginkgo shuttle samples between workstations on the foundry floor. Courtesy / Ginkgo Bioworks / Via ginkgobioworks.com For centuries, humans have used yeast to make beer and bread. Now, a…


Apple Toughens Up Rules For Medical Research Apps

Apps have to make sure participants know what they’re getting themselves into. Apple Senior Vice President of Operations Jeff Williams announces ResearchKit onstage during an Apple special event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts on March 9, 2015, in San Francisco. Stephen Lam / Getty Images As part…


Google Silent After Former Employee Tweets About Sexual Harassment From Superiors

Kelly Ellis, a software engineer at Google for more than four years, tweeted Saturday about recurring sexual harassment at the company. Despite multiple attempts to contact Google, the tech giant refused to publicly respond to the allegations. Marcio Jose Sanchez / AP Twitter: @justkelly_ok View Entire List › BuzzFeed –…


The New Tinder Service Will Charge You More Money If You’re Aged Over 28

Tinder Plus will charge you three times more if you’re older than 28. A new service offered by Tinder allows users to use the app when they travel abroad and reverse right-swipes – but it’s charging significantly more money to people over the age of 28. giphy.com Although the app…


Boise City Council Members Are Disappointed Uber Is Suspending Operations

Uber announced it was suspending operations in the city earlier today, just two days after the City Council agreed on a drafted version of an ordinance that would allow the company to operate legally. Kim Kyung-Hoon / Reuters Citing outdated regulations, Uber suspended its operations in Boise, Idaho, today after…


Who Is This Man And Why Are His Photos Showing Up On My Phone?

This weird thing happened to me. Chris Ritter for BuzzFeed/Some Random Guy This GRAND tale of cryptic communication begins last February in the great year of 2014. I was out after work in the East Village at a bar a bunch of BuzzFeed people go to called EVS. It's on…


How To Eat Unicorns For Fun And Profit

Partying with Slack as Silicon Valley’s latest darling celebrated a hard-to-believe year. “It tastes like a unicorn!” An enthusiastic, red-faced Slack employee is peeling tufts of house-cured foie gras cotton candy off a stick. It's his company's first anniversary party, and he's enjoying himself too much to realize that he's…


Instagram Says It Accidentally Ran Survey Ads For Healthcare.gov

“The survey was posted in error and it was pulled down as soon as it was discovered,” a Facebook official tells BuzzFeed News. View Entire List › BuzzFeed – Tech


The Sticky Facts About Google’s Unvaccinated Kids

Google claims data on low vaccination rates at its day care facilities are simply not up to date. But that doesn’t explain a year-after-year pattern at odds with the rest of its region. Mike Blake / Reuters / Reuters Yesterday, Wired published a scathing indictment of Silicon Valley: namely, that…


How HBO Unwittingly Helped Create Insanely Hardcore “Game Of Thrones” Porn

Winter is coming, a lot. Thanks to its frequent sex and nudity, HBO's Game of Thrones — and the series of fantasy novels it's based on — is no stranger to the internet's abiding Rule 34: If it exists, there's porn based on it. Indeed, there is a cornucopia of…


NYC Council Member Will Introduce Consumer Privacy Legislation For Ride-Hail Companies

The legislation would require the Taxi and Limousine Commission to fine companies that do not adhere to the policies, BuzzFeed News reports exclusively. Sergio Perez / Reuters New York City Council Member Dan Garodnick will introduce new legislation Thursday that will require the Taxi and Limousine Commission to create a…


Meet The Teenage Girls Who Made The Feminist iPhone Game “Tampon Run”

You throw tampons to defeat villains. “When enemies are hit with tampons they now turn into pads that fly away.” Nadia Irshaid Gilbert / Via Handout itunes.apple.com View Entire List › BuzzFeed – Tech


The Surprisingly Mainstream History Of The Internet’s Favorite Anti-Semitic Image

You’ve probably seen “Jew-bwa-ha-ha.gif.” We found the man who drew it. Spend any time in the murkier bogs of the social internet — message boards, chans, far-right Eastern European political comment threads, Islam versus the International Zionist Conspiracy LiveJournals — and it won't be long before you come across some…


Here’s What Real People Actually Want From Twitter

Twitter’s best features have come from its users. Here’s what they want now. Gif by Shmorky based on a drawing by Natasha Allegri Just now Twitter announced its latest earnings report. This is a thing that Twitter has to do now that it's a public company and, let's be honest,…