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How To Eat Unicorns For Fun And Profit

Partying with Slack as Silicon Valley’s latest darling celebrated a hard-to-believe year. “It tastes like a unicorn!” An enthusiastic, red-faced Slack employee is peeling tufts of house-cured foie gras cotton candy off a stick. It's his company's first anniversary party, and he's enjoying himself too much to realize that he's not just describing, in ridiculous terms, the already-ridiculous… Read More »

NYC Council Member Will Introduce Consumer Privacy Legislation For Ride-Hail Companies

The legislation would require the Taxi and Limousine Commission to fine companies that do not adhere to the policies, BuzzFeed News reports exclusively. Sergio Perez / Reuters New York City Council Member Dan Garodnick will introduce new legislation Thursday that will require the Taxi and Limousine Commission to create a set of privacy policies for ride-hail companies in… Read More »

The Surprisingly Mainstream History Of The Internet’s Favorite Anti-Semitic Image

You’ve probably seen “Jew-bwa-ha-ha.gif.” We found the man who drew it. Spend any time in the murkier bogs of the social internet — message boards, chans, far-right Eastern European political comment threads, Islam versus the International Zionist Conspiracy LiveJournals — and it won't be long before you come across some version of this image: Obviously, it's a… Read More »

You Can Now Switch Angles In YouTube Videos

A different view, midstream. Via YouTube YouTube is rolling out a new feature today that allows viewers to switch between multiple viewing angles. While extremely limited right now, it's a great idea and an indication of how watching content online can be more interactive than anywhere else. “We've been tinkering with the concept for years now,” a spokesperson… Read More »

Peeing My Way Around New York City With Airpnp, The App For Bathroom Emergencies

Airpnp is the worst-designed app I’ve ever used. It’s also the most profound. Justine Zwiebel/BuzzFeed News My bladder is the Murphy's Law of organs. It's not that it's small, exactly; rather, it's disagreeable; neurotic. It conspires. In cahoots with some quietly disgruntled fold of my brain, the devil bag demands emptying only when it cannot be plausibly emptied.… Read More »

South Carolina Orders Uber To Stop Operations

The latest regulatory battle facing the ride-hailing giant. Uber's increasingly bitter fight to operate in states across the country worsened today, as South Carolina issued an order to cease and desist all operations in the state. Uber had already filed a petition requesting its certification as a Class C passenger carrier. A hearing had been scheduled for… Read More »

The Touching And Vaguely Megalomaniacal Instagram Trend Of Birthday Selfies

“Birthday selfie”: when you post a photo of yourself WITH the birthday boy or girl. When Kim Kardashian posted a photo from John Legend's birthday party a few nights ago, the internet noticed that she had almost cropped Legend out of the photo, which focuses on her unsmiling face. Minor internet controversies aside, the photo and Kim's… Read More »