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Facebook For Felons

Clickbank Products Kamaal Bennett built a social platform for incarcerated gang leaders. It’s already changing how they see themselves, and the outside world. Chris Ritter/BuzzFeed News Early in 2014, Jacqueline Nugent came across an online profile written by Roderick Sutton, her ex-boyfriend and the father of her teenage daughter. Hosted on a website called Live From Lockdown, the… Read More »

The Rise Of The Screenshort™

People are suddenly posting lots of screenshots of text to Twitter. What's a Screenshort? Essentially, it's a chunk of text, screen-shotted, and embedded in a tweet. It's become an extremely popular way to share a passage from a story. You could call it a Tweetcap, maybe. But I'm going with Screenshort. Embedding a text block means that people… Read More »

Digital Ad Company Will Pay $750,000 For Bypassing Browser Privacy Settings

Two years after Google settled a lawsuit for the same practices — installing software on Apple products that bypass cookie blockers — PointRoll reaches a multi-state settlement, BuzzFeed News reports exclusively. Carlo Allegri / Reuters Tashatuvango/Tashatuvango In 2012, Stanford researcher Jonathan Mayer found that PointRoll, a Gannett-owned company, along with Google, Vibrant Media, and Media Innovation Group were… Read More »