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Relationship Advice – How Thanksgiving Traditions Helped Me To Learn How To Be A Better Man

Have you ever heard of “Chr-anksgiving”? Probably not, I think I coined the term myself. My girlfriend thinks I should have called it “Th-istmas”. Either way the concept is pretty simple. All it means is that this year Thanksgiving and Christmas will get celebrated on the same day (today). Now why would we do that? Well my Brother… Read More »

The Real Story Of Thanksgiving

Each year America has a holiday in November that has taken on almost a religious reverence which we call Thanksgiving. We give this holiday so much honor that it ranks with us along with Christmas and Easter as an important holiday in the hearts of family and as a nation. But this holiday, so rich with tradition, has… Read More »

Meet Thanksgiving Day Ahead

Thanksgiving Day is coming to us soon. Have you make preparations for this festival? For example, who will you choose to spend this festival together with, your family for your friends? At present, more and more people choose to leave parents and go out for working just in order to pursue freedom. In fact, on important festivals like… Read More »