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Relationship Advice – How Thanksgiving Traditions Helped Me To Learn How To Be A Better Man

Have you ever heard of “Chr-anksgiving”? Probably not, I think I coined the term myself. My girlfriend thinks I should have called it “Th-istmas”. Either way the concept is pretty simple. All it means is that this year Thanksgiving and Christmas will get celebrated on the same day (today). Now why would we do that? Well my Brother… Read More »

The Real Story Of Thanksgiving

Weight Destroyer 101 Each year America has a holiday in November that has taken on almost a religious reverence which we call Thanksgiving. We give this holiday so much honor that it ranks with us along with Christmas and Easter as an important holiday in the hearts of family and as a nation. But this holiday, so rich… Read More »

Meet Thanksgiving Day Ahead

Thanksgiving Day is coming to us soon. Have you make preparations for this festival? For example, who will you choose to spend this festival together with, your family for your friends? At present, more and more people choose to leave parents and go out for working just in order to pursue freedom. In fact, on important festivals like… Read More »

A Thanksgiving Surprise

Many people think that it is very easy to be a housewife, but I think that it is very difficult. My wife is a housewife, she is always busy with doing the housework and looking after out little son, Jack. I and my wife Sara have been married for almost 6 years. At first, Sara worked as a… Read More »

Ideal Thanksgiving Gifts

Thanksgiving Day is around the corner now. It is time for us to express our thanks and love for those people who always care for us. How to express our thanks in this special occasion? I think besides the sincere thanks word, a thanksgiving present is also very important, it does not matter how big the present is,… Read More »

A Thanksgiving heart

Eight hundred years ago Meister Eckhart wrote, “If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, ‘thank you,’ that would suffice.” Across the country many have felt the ups and downs of the past year. Yet Thanksgiving has always held a special place for us as a nation, because it was born in the midst of… Read More »

Thanksgiving Family Traditions

With the holidays rapidly approaching, it is a good time to take a look at some Thanksgiving family traditions to get a better understanding of what they are and how they are so popular with families today. Naturally the turkey itself and the different trimmings such as cranberry sauce and stuffing is one of the major traditions. However,… Read More »

For Thanksgiving Day

Have fun with your Apple iPad on Thanksgiving day Thanksgiving Day means we eat too much, but don’t forget to prepare activities in addition to planning your Thanksgiving meal. If you have a iPad and love indoor activities, it’s cool to have fun with your iPad with your loved ones on Thankgiving day. The large, high-resolution screen makes… Read More »

Thanksgiving Scenes

You’ll find in our SegPlayPC Thanksgiving pattern collection, many contemporary scenes. This is a fun, off-beat set of great colorful digital patterns. We know you’ll enjoy coloring these great patterns!  What a great stress reliever as well. With over 1800 available patterns from an ever growing collection of artistic themes, SegPlay® PC will provide you with hours upon… Read More »

Holiday is over

Holiday is over girlfriend Another Thanksgiving holiday is over for many and some managed a long weekend away someplace the rest of us only dream about and the regular gals and guys went to work just the same regardless and of course a lot of people do not get the day off work because they have essential jobs… Read More »

Thanksgiving Classic

History Football on Thanksgiving is actually a tradition that predates the league’s formation itself. Records of pro football being played on Thanksgiving date back to as early as 1902, when the “National” Football League, a Major League Baseball-backed organization based entirely in Pennsylvania and unrelated to the current NFL, attempted to settle its championship over Thanksgiving weekend; after… Read More »