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A Bunch Of Celebrities Recorded A Song To Raise Money For Ebola. Meet One Who Said, ‘No Thanks.’

In November 2014, singer-songwriter Bob Geldof recorded a revamped version of Band Aid’s “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” with a bunch of celebrities like Bono, Seal, Chris Martin from Coldplay, Sinéad O’Connor, and One Direction to raise money to fight the Ebola crisis. Look at all these happy celebrities! But there’s one celeb who turned down the offer.… Read More »

The 3 Of Them Needed To See It In Person, And The Fact That It Was Beautiful Made It Even Worse

These guys went across the world because there’s a natural wonder that needs saving. Head here if you’re excited to take part in the #ReefReels competition. Or just share the heck out of this thing so people know what’s going on with the Great Barrier Reef. Video from GetUp! and #ReefReels. Connect with GetUp! on Facebook and Twitter.… Read More »