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Russian Ambassador To Britain Welcomes New Propaganda Channel With Bizarre Rant

“In true buccaneering spirit/style of host country they will tear down all walls and shatter every conventional wisdom of chattering classes.” Via Alexander Yakovenko, Russia's ambassador to Britain, marked the launch of RT UK, the Kremlin's British-specific propaganda channel, on Thursday with a lengthy and eccentric Twitter rant that saw him make extraneous references to Financial Times… Read More »

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Had Heart Surgery

The Supreme Court justice underwent a surgery for coronary blockage Wednesday. She is expected to be discharged in the next 48 hours. AP Photo/Cliff Owen, File Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg underwent a surgical procedure for coronary blockage at the MedStar Washington Hospital Center Wednesday morning. Ginsburg is resting comfortably and is expected to be discharged in… Read More »

Her List For How To Be A Woman In The Music Industry Is Hilarious — Until You Realize It’s True

Confession: I watch this video whenever I need a laugh. It’s a tongue-in-cheek but oh-so-true depiction of what women have to go through in the music business that happens to be really funny. Except when you remember it’s also really real. We could talk about exploitation, hypersexualization, commoditization, and a whole bunch of other big words to describe… Read More »

Yet Another Mass Grave Found In Mexico, President Says Country “Has To Change”

11 headless bodies were found in Guerrero State, the same place where corrupt police abducted 43 students in September. President Enrique Peña Nieto promised to overhaul Mexican law-enforcement. Mexican authorities found 11 bodies in the southern state of Guerrero on Thursday in a mass grave not far from the place where local police abducted 43 students in September.… Read More »

3 Guys Did Something Gross When They Passed Her, So She Posted It Online. The Response Wasn’t Good.

When you think about how many women have had similar experiences, you can’t help but be angry too. In case you didn’t catch that lesson … I’ve laid it out for ya. Here’s how to say something other than “What were you wearing?” to someone who’s experienced sexual harassment! With a little practice, we can do this, Internet!… Read More »

“The World Should See This”

Ferguson’s could-be Mike Browns take a furious pride in the chaos they’ve caused. Their pride arose from despair about a system that they believe has failed them over and over again. Protesters flip over a Ferguson police car in Ferguson, Missouri, November 25, 2014. Jim Young / Reuters Ferguson, Missouri — From his perch on Ferguson Avenue, Victor… Read More »

South African Court Sentences Man To 30 Years In Prison For Rape And Murder Of Black Lesbian

Duduzile Zozo’s brutal murder forced the South African government to get serious about an epidemic of violence targeting black lesbians. LGBT activists participate in a demonstration rally marking the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT) at the North Beach in Durban, on May 17, 2014. AFP / Getty Images RAJESH JANTILAL A South African court has sentenced… Read More »