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By | February 4, 2017
Uniting of two souls under the sweet shadow of everyones blessings is what we all call Marriage. Marriage is an institution which still holds the same warmth and piousness of love and relationship as it did earlier. No matter how modern we become in our thoughts but still the concept of marriage lives on. However, wedding celebrations have certainly gone more vibrant and flashy.

Earlier, finding the right match was quite a long term affair as there were limited means to make ends meet. Today internet has blessed people with matrimonial sites, which has not only reduced time but has also given the brides and grooms a fair chance to find a match of their taste and compatibility. Urban cities have already embraced this technological reform. Since Delhi is the capital of India, the focus for all types of latest developments is well figured in this belt.

Delhi marriages are heavily depending on these matrimonial sites. In fact this business is turning out to be really helpful and profitable. Gone are the days when parents chose partners for their children, today be it love or arrange, the partner is mainly selected by the girls and boys themselves. Delhi brides and Delhi grooms are surely following this pattern. Most of the matrimonial alliances happen through these websites, which are quick, sure and also provide lot of information, which assists in decision making process.

Since Delhi is a melting pot of Indian diversity, Delhi marriages are surely a reflection of our traditions finely blended with contemporary changes. Delhi brides are not those reserved and quite types, rather they believe in enjoying their marriages in their very own style. As the traditional approaches today are well decorated with the modern outlook, similarly, from dressing to merriment and from ritual to celebration, all has become quite glitzy.

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Even for Delhi grooms the things are not the same. They too have their own style of dressing and enjoying. They throw parties to mark the end of their bachelor days and starting of a new journey with someone very special.

Since Indian marriage go on for three to four days, each day is dedicated and rejoiced with a ritual and for each ritual both Delhi brides and Delhi grooms have attires that make them stand out from the masses. Delhi Weddings usually start from engagement, followed by mehandi and cocktail nights, finally the D-Day which gets over with the Brides departure. In all these events, the bride and the groom are the most vivacious and filled with zeal and even the family members show their true spirit in making this entire matrimonial celebration really memorable for them.

Delhi marriages are mostly famous for their flamboyance along with liveliness. From the very first step of the entire matrimony arrangement till the end, everybody shells out money with open hands. They believe that marriage is one time affair and hence should be done in such a manner that there is no space for any grudges. The people here put their heart and mind in the entire process of marriage and make the day blissful.

Delhi has always been famous for its rich, colorful and vibrant culture and its people for their big hearts and minds. Nowadays Delhi marriages, Delhi brides and Delhi grooms all have become spectacular for both their styles and their idea of social and cultural celebrations. . Delhi marriages no doubt can be considered as big fat Indian weddings.


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