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By | February 4, 2017

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Two boys met in 2nd grade. It was El Paso circa 1975. A lot of polyester was going down on and around them. They eventually became friends. They spent the next 10 years in public school together. Western Hills to Coronado. One of them liked the Police and REM. The other liked Elvis Costello and the Clash. After high school they went their separate ways. 24 years later they were still friends. One was living in El Paso, the other in Dallas. They started writing songs together. They made a record of these songs. They are the Disappearing Act.

The Disappearing Act’s debut LP is a collection of unique, new, broadcast-friendly songs co-written by two longtime friends in Texas that will appeal to listeners spanning the spectrum of the indie alternative, college radio, modern alternative rock, and mainstream rock/pop markets.

The Disappearing Act’s lead singer and co-writer, Salim Nourallah, released his first solo effort, Polaroid, in May of 2004 on Western Vinyl/Secretly Canadian. He has since gone on to make 3 more critically acclaimed CDs and toured Europe in 2006/2007 and 2009. His songs have also been featured on many television shows – most notably HBO’s “The Wire” and NBC’s “Smallville.” Based out of his own recording studio in Dallas, Salim has also had a very successful decade producing and recording other artists. He has won the Dallas Observer “Best Producer” award 5 consecutive years now while helping the Old 97s, Deathray Davies, Carter Albrecht, Rhett Miller and many others. For more about Salim, check out his official website.

The other half of The Disappearing Act’s writing team is Bob Blumenfeld, an El Paso-based song writer. In addition to his status as co-writer, Bob also serves as the band’s rhythm guitarist.

John Lefler, who is also featured prominently on The Disappearing Act CD, has been the lead guitarist of Dashboard Confessional since 2002 and released his solo debut Better By Design in 2009 (which Salim Nourallah happened to record and co-produce). John plays lead guitar and more for The Disappearing Act. For more about John, check out his official MySpace page, which contains music, photos, news updates, and everything else you need to stay up to date concerning The Disappearing Act.

The Disappearing Act LP was recorded at Dallas’ Pleasantry Lane Studios from 2008 to 2010.

For further information, contact El Paso, Texas’ Robert Blumenfeld. His email address is bob@tortillarecords.com and phone number is 915 587 7878.


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