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By | February 10, 2017
A dog play pen (also called exercise pen) is a mobile inside fence for dogs and is incredibly practical addition to your home. It enables you break bad habits, reinforce good habits and avoid accidents. Here are 20 splendid uses of puppy play pens:

1. To help you settle puppy and have him take a nap.
2. To prevent insecurity when you have to go away by teaching the puppy how to spend an hour or two on his own.
3. To help with teaching the puppy that mouthing is not acceptable – everything you have to do is play with your puppy in dog play pen and when he bites you, Yelp and step outside for 10 seconds. After that repeat. After a few days of this puppies mouth less and less for the reason that they don’t want to stop playing.
4. For easier potty training (if you will give an indoor potty area) – simply set the litter box in the dog play pen and help your puppy work out what to do by placing him in the litter box when he starts sniffing around and looking like he has to go. As he will spend much time in the exercise pen, his litter box is always just steps away.
5. To train basic commands – if you always train him in the exercise pen, puppy will in next to no time begin to associate this place with training, which means he will be more aware and learn more quickly there. Ensure that when he knows his job there you also rehearse with no dog pen in different rooms of the house and then outside.
6. To stop the dog from chewing furniture and flowers.
7. To prevent the dog from getting underfoot while cooking.
8. If you have children you can put the dog in the dog play pen each time you cannot monitor interaction involving a toddler and the pup. This is much safer than having them play on their own.
9. To train puppy barking for attention doesn’t work. To do this, simply turn away and don’t talk to your puppy despite the fact that he calls for attention in his dog playpen. But when he is peaceful and plays by himself, take him out for a cuddle or do whatever makes him happy.
10. To disengage two dogs if they are too noisy or aggressive.
11. To train dog that calm manners makes lovely things happen.
12. In order to inhibit jumping up on company. If your puppy or dog is highly excited about company, you can place it in the playpen and give the visitors dog treats that they can present him if he’s mannerly in there. If he’s too exuberant to sit, they can attempt for a second time in half an hour when puppy calms a bit. If you want to train puppy not to jump on people ensure they do not pet him if he does not sit. It is ideal to train the puppy for the visit a week or two ahead by stopping by the dog play pen and then, ask him to sit and award a treat. Do not pet him if he doesn’t sit. In this way he will start to make a connection in his brain that it’s a good idea to sit when a person stops by.
13. So you can open the front door securely without the need to wedge a foot there so the dog would not run off.
14. To take the dog to work. Why not? If your dog is used to being in the exercise pen at home, you will be able to work undisturbed and have your furry friend by your side.
15. To make sure that the dog behaves when you are not at home.
16. To keep the dog from begging at the dinner table.
17. You can prevent access to hazardous items such as electrical cables and fireplaces.
18. Or you can extend the exercise pen to block access to part of the room or a part of the house.
19. To prevent the dog from chasing a mop or vacuum cleaner.
20. To avoid having to say “No! Bad Dog!” Both you and your dog will live a happier life if you do not feel the need to scream “No!” Every five minutes. Nobody likes a nag.


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