Dog Poems To Owners ""

By | February 10, 2017

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The title is very apt because many times a dog becomes sick and also dies of neglect. It is very surprising that some owners do not bother about the health of their dogs. They feel that the owner needs a dog only to guard the house. This feeling makes him or her ignorant about a dog’s health. They feel that if you have a dog you can be safe and family members will be pleased. But they are wrong. A dog is not only a guard, but it is a good friend of the man. Why should you keep a dog healthy? The answer is simple. If your dog is healthy, everything will be fine. Sometimes it is seen that dogs looks after the owner too. If anybody wants to hurt him, the dog jumps and snatches the weapon. The dog is always alert and watches every movement.

One day a very dangerous thing happened to a family. The owner was not in town. There was a fire in his house. Everyone was sleeping. The fire raged. When the dog saw the fumes he ran to the bedroom. It was so unfortunate that the owner was not in town. There was only three in the family. The owner, his wife and his son who was only ten years old The dog ran to the bedroom. The lady was sleeping. The dog shouted and shouted. When the flame was raging she suddenly got up. She waked her son and ran out, to the neighbor’s house, the dog following. She called to the neighbor and they opened the door and told him about it. From the neighbor’s house, she called the Fire Service. Within 5 minutes, the Fire Brigade, the Ambulance and the Police arrived. The fire was extinguished after three hours. You can imagine what would have happened, if they did not have a dog. So you can see if the dog had not been healthy, he would not have saved the family.

To help the dog, we should take some time and try and read instructions in any dog manual available anywhere. As the dog can be your best friend and it is your duty to see that your dog is healthy and fine. Particularly, the food that you give to your dog is very important. Sometimes your dog’s food might be adulterated and you are not aware of it. What can happen you can guess? You give your family members healthy food, so also you should keep in mind, that your dog should also get healthy food. As food is a necessity for man, so also it is for a dog. The family members should feel that a dog can be your best friend. You give a dog a name. Why? It is because it is a family member like any other. To keep your dog healthy you can make a chart about the menu, the amount and time. In this way, you will be aware of his food habits Also, you should post a copy of your chart on a wall, so that everyone is informed and there is no confusion. In this way, the dog will get the food in a proper way and on time. You should train your dog about his food habits and who is giving the food. Many a time, some criminals, may give poisoned food. If that happens, the dog may die.If you only spend some time for your dog, he may live a long life.


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