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By | February 10, 2017

Chigger dog is common infestation that is found in dogs. Chiggers are present in grassy area and get stuck to the body of dog if they cross the infested area. Chiggers are present around legs, abdomen and head in dogs. They also infest cats.
Chigger is not only the creature that attaches themselves to dog. Ticks are also seen commonly in dogs. If dog goes on hiking with us then it is more prone to get attacked by ticks. Tick dog are usually found in woody region. There are many types of ticks and they transmit different disease. But dogs are usually gets attacked by deer tick and seed tick. When attacked by deer tick dog get transmitted by Lyme disease which is fatal to dogs life. It is not necessary that every tick transmit disease. Seed tick dog does not transmit disease but it depends on treatment and intensity of ticks that are attacked. If care is not taken it may prove fatal to the life of dog.
Flea is a parasites that always clung to the body of four footed warm blooded animal. Fleas are big enough to see with naked eye. Affected by bite of flea dog shows symptoms like skin rash, irritation on skin. The other kind of insect we discover is mites dog. Because of mite bite dogs develops allergy on skin.
Because of scabies dog spreads disease to other if one gets in contact with them as scabies is communicable disease. Many times all the bites from mites look like mosquito bite and people do get confused with it. But mosquito bites dog do not cause any disease.
Many times it happens that though our dog is not infested by any of the mites that we discussed above but still there are some boils and redness on the skin. This may be caused by poison ivy dog has come in contact with. This poison ivy is very harmful plant which causes boils and rashes in skin when comes in contact to anyone.
So proper care and watch must be kept on dogs to save them from any disease and dangers.


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