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By | February 4, 2017

The ACN Donald Trump video phone has been named so since its announcement had first been made in Celebrity Apprentice of Donald Trump in March, 2009. ACN is a telecommunications company that has been in the news quite a lot, and not always for good reasons! The company markets itself as the world’s largest telecommunications direct seller and offers various telephone and internet services. The business model of the company is based on an MLM or a multi network marketing model which has been highly criticized over the years by online marketers.

More Information About the Phone

The ACN Donald Trump video phone is officially known as ACN Iris 3000. This is a sizeable desktop device that has a 7 inch screen with high resolution. It also includes an enhanced and efficient phone book. Other than providing a way through which you can view the other person on the opposite end of the line, providing that he/she has a video phone, this phone will let you use the screen for managing contacts, leaving video mails and uploading still pictures. This definitely brings up the standard and offers people a lot more than what they would have thought they can get from a standard phone.

The Features Offered

With the ACN Donald Trump video phone, when you will dial into the VoIP service that can be from ACN or from any other company, you will be able to talk through video with anyone in any corner of the world. You can even leave a message and include a video of your choice. This puts a new spin on the boring voice messages. People have been waiting for quite some time for an all inclusive video phone with high resolution, mainly for business. This dream has now been turned into a reality with the launch of this video phone. What remains to be seen is how fast the other service providers will launch their own video phones so that people can have more choices.

It also remains to the seen if internet service provides would be up to it and would provide the bandwidth necessary for streaming the high resolution videos through satellite connections, cable and DSL. The video phone is also said to expand its business video conference services to allow clients to communicate with business associates and loved ones in a personal manner. People have been looking forward to the end of the chunky headphones for small computer cameras for years and it finally looks like the video phone technology is making it possible. For the telecommunications world, this is the next big thing to look out for. The ACN Donald Trump video phone is truly making a revolution.

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