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By | February 4, 2017

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Long before the economic gurus and financial pundits could predict economic downslide, the crisis caught the financial corporations and institutions napping in the United States in 2006. It steadily grabbed hold of almost all major financial market and Wall Street before it could be tackled. Nobody was aware that it would prove even worse than earlier ones. It created a sort of financial void in which every Tom, Dick and Harry with poor credit rating are trapped. Nobody or corporation, bank or credit agency was ready to deal as freely as they used to be just a year earlier.

Such circumstances suit a real estate daredevil like Donald Trump. He jumped in the Roman arena of this US money market and announced his Trump Network. He announced to ensure job, food, “health and wealth” to everybody. Planning of his business intellectuals and his team of business writers seem or at least for the time being it seems, is so well-executed media has created mind blowing stories about his upcoming project. Although the project is to witness its inauguration in October 2009, it has already stirred the imagination of the commoners a la the arrival of some messiah on the Doomsday.

Unique about his venture is that he has presented new wine in the old bottle of Multiple Level Marketing. It is the same old concept. However, Trump’s assertion that capitalism has lost its worth and he is heralding a new economic system through his Trump Network has given him much credibility. People are more prone to lending ears to this real estate tycoon rather than the marketing executives and financial analysts. Moreover, just think about it. Is it not tempting for the unemployed, the hungry and the poor to lay their hands upon job, food, health and wealth? Of course, it is very much attractive and this is the main reason that he has caught the imagination of middle class. However, it will be seen after October as to what is wrapped for us in the granary of time in the shape of Trump Network.


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